International Congress of Science, Education and Technology Research

International Congress of Science, Education and Technology Research

Dear scientists,

You, recognized scientists, can present your papers on science, education and technology in Turkish, English, Arabic, Russian and Ukrainian at the congress organized in Odessa, Ukraine’s history, language, culture and holiday city.

Abstracts prepared for presentation at the congress will be accepted or rejected after being passed through the refereeing process. The referee and advisory board will make the assessment. This committee consists of competent and talented scientists in their respective fields from various countries.

It is our desire to have new collaborations and to produce new publications at the congress. The abstracts of the proceedings presented in the congress will be published before the congress in e-book format as ISBN numbered and edited. The full text of the proceeding will be published either free of charge in 2018 in the international magazines selected by the author supporting the congress or for a fee in ERIC, SCOPUS indexed journals or in an e-book prepared by the international publisher after the completion of the refereeing process. The abstract and full texts to be published must be written in English.

We want to see you as a stakeholder in the prestigious scientific environment created by the valuable scientists coming together from various countries of the world to discuss the problems, developments and changes in the world of science, education and technology.

Oral presentation, poster presentation or remote presentation is possible at the congress. Please mark your presentation format on the congress application form.

Participants will receive a certificate of attendance, bag, congress kit and various gifts.