International Congress for Sustainable Industrial Development

International Congress for Sustainable Industrial Development will be held the first time in November 2015, which will continue each year.

Industrial Development is crucial for the welfare of all the countries and for the World people. The aim of science, technology, industry, trade, finance and politics is to increase the welfare of the people all over the World. Above activities are not enough to improve the life-style of the people, unless each activity above is sustainable. Without sustainable technology, industry, science, trade, finance and politics, we can not improve the welfare of the people.

At this Congress we will discuss the models, ways and mechanisms to improve the industrial and economic development of the countries and to improve the welfare of the World people.

At the Plenary session of the congress on the first day, important organizations from the World and from Turkey will talk on the industrial and economic development and welfare. Keynote Speakers will discuss the Peace in the World, Welfare of World People, Economic and Industrial Development, Energy Efficiency, Climate Change, Corporate Governance, Efficient Use of Financial Facilities, and the likes.

With the Sustainable Feature of this Congress, we trust participant will develop scientific and practical models for the improvement of the Welfare of World People.

So we will be looking forward to receiving the scientific articles from academicians around the World, with suggestions to improve life, peace, economy, international trade and welfare in the World.

The abstract will be published in the Congress Proceeding Book before Congress. After discussions at the Congress and corrections, we will publish selected full papers in the Full Papers Book, and at the same time, we will send the articles to international Journals (with SCI or SSCI) for publishing internationaly.

With Best Wishes,

Organizing Committee


Clean Energy
Economic and Industrial Development,
Climate Change
Corporate Governance
Business Administration
Tourism and Hotel Management
Political Science
Sustainability chaired by Prof.Dr.Aynur Ünal, with IITG and Nottingham University as Partners.