International Conferences On International Trade Intraders

 International Conferences On International Trade

We aim to provide contribution international trade field by our international conference in May 2018, Turkey, Sakarya.

Intraders conference is international and targets the participants from all over the world and shape the organization in this direction.

The congress aims to have papers from academicians and private sector managers. The language of the congress is Turkish and English.

The Intraders Congress organization will be held in University of Sakarya by the Intraders Team.

The Intraders Team is made up of people who are enthusiastic about foreign trade and is trying to provide contributions to congresses in this area. The Congress is not intended for commercial purposes but is a form of scholarship / finance that aims to prepare scholars, researchers and researchers in international trade to complete their studies.

Key Speakers from academy and private sectors will be invited for the Congress.

All university faculty members and students from Turkey and abroad, managers from public and private sectors are invited to the Intraders International Conferences on International Trade

Organization Committee of the INTRADERS

Intraders Topics

Foreign Investments
International Business
International Marketing
Foreign Trade Operations
Regional Economy
Regional Development
Free Trade Zones
Health Tourism
Marketing (Product & Service)
Organic Agriculture Marketing
Halal Food Marketing
Integrated Marketing Communications
Quality Standards (ISO, Halal, Organic etc.)
Organizations For Economic, Cooperation and Development
International Finance
International Human Sources
Money and Banking
International Business Management
International Energy Market
International Strategy and Sustainability
E-Business and Competitive Strategy
Global Competition
Business Ethics
New Business Venturing

Others: Economy and Management Topics.

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