International Conference on Nuclear and Renewable Energy Resources 2012

Dear Colleagues,

We are very glad to announce that The III. International Conference on Nuclear and Renewable Energy Resources will be held on the 20-23rd May 2012 in Istanbul, Türkiye.

The aim of the conference comes from the realities of the global energy issues: The energy resources of the industrial and developing societies mainly depend on the fossil fuels in a large percentage. It has been known that the consumption of traditional fuels causes unavoidable environmental problems globally. In a long term, important steps should be taken in order to decrease the side-effects of traditional energy resources. Within that context, this event on the nuclear and renewable energy resources aims to discuss save, carbon-free energy production mechanism. We believe that these two distinct energy types, namely nuclear and renewables should be considered together for secure and safe energy solutions to fulfill the growing demands of energy. In this international conference we wish to obtain a complete media from scientists to the technical company representatives for the seek of innovative energy solutions. We wish that universities, research institutions and industries will contribute to this meeting and the outcomes will play an important role to understand the advanced studies on the future energy perspectives. Another point is to earn the awareness of political bodies in order to figure out the future attempts on renewables. This third conference will be a technical forum for the participants from different countries, institutions and energy sectors.

The conference objectives include many field and topics in a broad spectrum.There exist a number of keynote speakers who are authorities in the field of energy.

We also emphasize that the papers submitted to the conference will be peer reviewed and a CD-Proceedings with all the accepted papers will be distributed to the participants. Selected papers will be published by a number of journals:

The detailed information and the recent improvements on the conference can be followed by the conference web site.

By the name of the organization committee, we would like to invite everyone who is interested in the concepts of energy, the researchers, scientists and academicians for their contributions. For all questions please write to [email protected] with best regards,

Prof. Dr. H. Mehmet Şahin
Gazi University
Technology Faculty
Department of Energy Systems Engineering
Email: [email protected]

 Prof. Dr. Sümer Şahin
Honorary Chairman
Atılım University
Engineering Faculty
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Email: [email protected]
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erol KURT
Technical Chairman
Gazi University
Technology Faculty
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Email: [email protected]


Prof. Dr. Sümer ŞAHİN Atılım University
Prof. Dr. H. Mehmet ŞAHİN Gazi University
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erol KURT  Gazi University
H. Mehmet ŞAHİN Gazi University
Sümer ŞAHİN Atılım University 
Şenay YALÇIN Bahçeşehir University
İbrahim DİNÇER University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)
Mustafa İLBAŞ Gazi University
Erol KURT Gazi University
Sümer ŞAHİN  Atılım University
T. Nejat VEZİROĞLU  Int. J. for Hydrogen Energy
Mohamed ABDOU  University of California, Los Angeles
José M. MARTINEZ VAL Madrid Polytechnic University
Abdurrahim ÖZGENOĞLU Atılım University 
Şenay YALÇIN Bahçeşehir University
Gülhan ÖZBAYOĞLU   Atılım University
Hasan U. AKAY Atılım University
Ayhan ALBOSTAN    Atılım University
Yunus ÇENGEL  Yıldız Technical University
İbrahim DİNÇER  University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)
Mustafa İLBAŞ Gazi University
H. Mehmet ŞAHIN Gazi University
José M. MARTINEZ VAL Madrid Polytechnic University
Ralph MOIR Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Masanao MORIWAKI Hitachi 
Edvard MOSES Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Mr. Masahito YOSHIMURA Hitachi
Wayne MEIER Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Laila El-GUEBALY  University of Wisconsin, Madison
Mohamed AL-NIMR  Jordan University of Sci.&Tech.
Peter LUND Aalto University
Sor Heoh SAW  INTI International University
Lee SING  Nanyang Technological University
Feridun HAMDULLAHPOUR University of Waterloo
Saffa RIFFAT  Nottingham University
Romney DUFFEY  Atomic Energy of Canada 
José M. Martinez VAL Madrid Polytechnic University 
Sor Heoh SAW INTI International University 
Ayman HAWARI North Carolina State University
Rainer SALOMAA Helsinki University of Technology
Birol KILKIŞ Başkent University
Ruzhu WANG Institute of Ref.& Cryg. China
Park Goon CHERL Seoul National University
Rizwan UDDIN University of Illinois 
Werner MASCHEK Research Center Karlsruhe
Mehmet AKYURT King Abdul Aziz University 
Mousa ARABI Jordan University of Sci.&Tech. 
Teoman AYDAN University of Bahrain 
Abdeslam-Hassen MENIAI Université Mentouri Constantine
Antonio Lafuente MAZUECOS Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 
Maher CHAABENE High Inst. Electronics&Communications 
İbrahim TÜKENMEZ Gazi University
Xue-Nong CHEN Research Center Karlsruhe 
Mohamed El-GENK University of New Mexico
Pedro VAZ Instituto Tecnologico e Nuclear
Samim ANGHAIE University of Florida
Ekin BİNGÖL Atılım University
Kune Y. SUH Seoul National University 
Oliver Van Der BORGHT  SCK CEN Belgium 
Josep M. GUERRERO Aaalborg University
Ait Abderrahim HAMID SCK CEN Belgium 
Anumakonda JAGADEESH  RMK Engineering College 
M. Oktay ALNIAK Bahçeşehir University
Abdul MUJEEBU Universiti Sains Malaysia
Muthana SHANSHAL University of Bagdad 
İlhami ÇOLAK Gazi University
Hüseyin YAPICI Erciyes University
Zeid ALOTHMAN King Saud University
Serdar YAMAN Istanbul Technical University
Essam A. Al AMMAR King Saud University
Şenol BAŞKAYA Gazi University
Metin GÜRÜ Gazi University
Ali Kemal YAKUT Süleyman Demirel University
Andrey GULEVICH  SSC RF Institute for Pysics & Power Engineering
Mahmut D. MAT  Niğde University
Yanjun DAI Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Didier HAAS  Unit of Nuclear Fuels
Ertuğrul BALTACIOĞLU Mustafa Kemal University
Ramazan BAYINDIR Gazi University
Ayman HAWARI North Carolina State University
Osman İPEK  Süleyman Demirel University
Sor Heoh SAW Inti International University College Nilai 
Ali KOÇ  Mustafa Kemal University
Erol KURT Gazi University
Hassan MURTAZA Purdue University
Zekai ŞEN Istanbul Technical University
Başar ŞARER  Gazi University
Emilio MINGUEZ  Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
M. Osman ISIKAN Marmara University
Kazuo TANAKA Osaka University
Adem ACIR Gazi University
Eyyup TEL Osmaniye Korkutata University
Kemal ALTINIŞIK Selçuk University
Kadir YILDIZ  Aksaray University
Masaki OZAWA  Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Mustafa BAYRAK  Niðde University
Saim KOÇAK Selçuk University
Abdul WARIS Institut Teknologi Bandung
Klaus SCHOEPF Univertsity of Innsbruck
Ayhan YILMAZER  Hacettepe University
Stefan TACZANOWSKI  AGH University Science and Technology, Krakow
İsmet ÇELENK  Turkish Atomic Energy Authority
Hiroshi SEKIMOTO  Tokyo Institute of Technology
Kazuo TANAKA Osaka University
Guillermo VELARDE Madrid Polytechnic University 
Ahmed F. Zobaa Brunel University
Taner ALTUNOK Çankaya University
Prof. Dr. Sümer ŞAHİN Atılım University, Türkiye 
Prof. Dr. Birol KILKIŞ Başkent University, Türkiye
Prof. Dr. İbrahim DİNÇER Ontario Technology University (UOIT), Canada
Prof. Dr. Yunus ÇENGEL Yıldız Technical University
Prof. Dr. Mustafa İLBAŞ Gazi University, Türkiye
Adem TEKEREK Gazi University


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Abstract or Paper Submission Deadline: 1 March 2012

Acceptance Notification: After 25 March 2012

Revised Abstract/Paper Submission Deadline: 15 April 2012 (No additional acceptance will be sent. You can use the previous acceptance.)

Conference Dates: 20-23 May 2012