International Conference on Mathematics and Mathematics Education

International Conference on Mathematics and Mathematics Education

Dear Colleagues,
It is our great pleasure to invite you to the International Conference on Mathematics and Mathematics Education with motto “Mathematics in ORDU” (ICMME-2018). This event will be held on June 27-29, 2018 in Ordu/Turkey by support of the Association of Mathematicians (MATDER).

MATDER is an association founded in 1995 by mathematicians in Turkey. Up to now 14 national and 2 international mathematics symposium was organized by MATDER. These meetings have been one of the main national symposiums. Since the talks in the meetings covers almost all areas of mathematics, mathematics education and engineering mathematics, the conferences have been well attended by mathematicians from academia, ministry of education and engineers as well. The last five conferences have been held in Şanlıurfa (ICMME-2017), Elazig (ICMME-2016), Niğde (2015), Karabük (2014) and Ankara (2013). This year ICMME-2018 will be held at Ordu University in Ordu/Turkey on 27-29 June 2018 as an international conference.

The main aim of this conference is to contribute to the development of mathematical sciences, mathematical education, and their applications and to bring together the members of the mathematics community, interdisciplinary researchers, educators, mathematicians, and statisticians from all over the world. The conference will present new results and future challenges, in series of invited and short talks, poster presentations, workshops, and exhibitions. The presentations can be done in English or Turkish.

This conference is organised by MATDER-Association of Mathematicians and hosted by Ordu University.

The MATDER Meetings with the objective of bringing together researchers, whether they are members of the network or not, whose work is related to algebra, geometry, discrete mathematics and mathematics education, as well as their possible applications such as (but not restricted to):

· Algebra
· Algebraic Geometry
· Category Theory
· Complex Analysis
· Computer Sciences
· Control Theory and Optimization
· Differential Equations
· Differential Geometry
· Discrete Mathematics
· Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory
· Functional Analysis
· Fuzzy Logic and Its Applications
· Geometry
· Mathematical Logic and Foundations
· Mathematical Physics
· Number Theory
· Numerical Analysis
· Operator Theory
· Probability Theory and Statistics
· Real Analysis
· Topology

Mathematics Education
· Activities and Programs for Students with Special Needs
· Evaluation and Assessment in Mathematics Education
· Improving the Curriculum
· Popularization of Mathematics
· Problem Solving and Modelling
· Reasoning, Proof and Proving in Mathematics Education
· School Organization and Classroom Practices
· Teacher Preparation and Ongoing in-Service Work
· The Use of Mathematics in The Sciences, Informatics and in
The Real World
· Using Technology in Mathematics Education

Important Dates
Abstract Submission : May 04, 2018
Acceptance Notification : May 25, 2018
Participation fee with payment deadline : May 04, 2018
The audience participation fee payment deadline : May 25, 2018
Conference : June 27-29, 2018


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