International Conference on Hands on Science 2012

About HSCI Network

The Hands-on Science Network ( is a non-profit international association legally registered in Portugal (NIPC 508050561) and with worldwide intervention.

It was established based on the homonymous project supported by the European Commission (Socrates/Comenius 3 project 110157-CP-1-2003-1-PT-COMENIUS-C3) under the coordination of Prof. Manuel Filipe P. C. M. Costa ([email protected]) at the Physics Department of the University of Minho, enrolling initially partners from 10 European countries.

The Hands-on Science Network, stands for promoting the development of science education and scientific literacy in our societies. HSCI embraces a wide membership of teachers and educators in all school levels from pre-school to adult education but also in informal contexts, managers and policy makers, academicians and researchers in virtually all fields of Science, from a large number of countries of the 5 continents. In an open-minded tolerant and friendly atmosphere we support each others and join our experiences and efforts towards a better improved and generalized Science Education. With an open and wide understanding of the importance of Science Education and of the ways to effectively implement it as a crucial factor to the sustainable development of our societies and of human kind, we encourage the use of innovative hands-on experimental approaches to science, technology and environment in-school teaching and learning. As well in raising the profile and attractiveness of Science in Education, we also aim to increase the desirability of a career in Science for all.


The HSCI’2012 Conference will cover the largest variety of topics relevant to Science Education and all fields of Science and Technology; Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Biology, Life Sciences, Geology, Zoology, Botanic, Ecology, Archeology, Astrophysics, Mathematics, Robotics, Computer Science, Sociology, Psychology, Health Sciences…

T1. Science Education

Science and Society
Science Teaching and Learning
The Role of Science in School
Disciplinary, Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Approaches in Science Education
Perception of Science: Students, School and Society
Inquiry-Based Science Education
Curriculum Development in Science Education in Turkey and in Europe
Women and Science
Arts and Science
Health and Science
The Role of Science Toys in Science Teaching and Learning
The Role of Science Kits/Tools in Science Teaching and Learning
Science Museums and Amusement Parks 
Science Fairs and Festivals
Science Communication and Outreach

T2. Use of Technology

Role of Multimedia in Innovation of Teaching and Learning
Learning through WEB Environments
Using Technology for Teaching and Learning of Science
The Use of Computer Simulations and Virtual Tools on Science Experiments

T3. Environmental Education in Traditional and Non-Traditional Settings

Teaching and Learning in Environmental and Nature Education
Informal and Outdoor Education
Experiential Education
Nature Education
Education for Sustainable Development
Bridging Science and Nature Studies
School Gardens as Natural Settings for Science Learning
Endangered Species
Preservation of the Natural Environment

T4. Hands-on Activities / Experiments in Learning and Teaching

Practices on Indoor and Outdoor Science
Practices on Environment Education
Hands on Science in Informal and Non-formal Contexts

The official language of the conference is English, but simultaneous translation (if required) will be available on plenary sessions, keynote presentations, workshops and discussion groups in which teachers and school children participated.
Important Dates

March 1, 2012
 Start date to send abstracts
July 9, 2012
 Deadline for abstract submission
July 23, 2012
 Notification of acceptance
July 30, 2012
 Deadline for pre-registration (both for hotel and conference)
August 27, 2012
 Deadline for camera ready manuscript
September 15, 2012
 Final Program available


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