International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology 2015

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that “1st International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology (ICOEST)” will be held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina on September 9-13, 2015.

1st International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology (ICOEST) will promote and disseminate the knowledge concerning several topics and technologies related to Environmental Science and Technology. The conference venue will be Hollywood Conference Center in Hotel Hollywood in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The main goal of ICOEST is to bring together researchers, scientists and experts in universities, companies, institutions, communities, agencies, associations and societies to provide them a unique platform for sharing worldwide ideas as well as the recent developments on environmental science and technology.

Special sessions, invited speakers, poster and oral presentations, and thesis presentations will be included to the conference program.

We invite you to submit papers and proposals for special sessions on environmental science and technology.

Best regards,

Conference Chairman
Prof. Dr. Özer ÇINAR

Scope of the Conference
Air emission trading
Air pollution treatment
Atmospheric modeling and numerical prediction
Biodegradation of hazardous substances
Biodiversity conservation
Climate change and environmental dynamics
Ecology and ecosystem management
Emerging pollutants
Environmental data analysis and modeling
Environmental education
Environmental planning, management and policies for cities and regions
Environmental restoration and ecological engineering
Green energy and sustainability
Ground water remediation
Hydrology and water resources management
Indoor air pollution
Integrated ecosystems management
Leachate treatment
Legal, economic and managerial aspects of solid waste management
Marine environment and coastal management
Monitoring and analysis of environmental contaminant
Odor treatment
Public health and the environment
Quality guidelines, environmental regulation and monitoring
Regulatory practice, water quality objectives standard setting, water quality classification
Sludge management
Soil contamination and remediation
Solid waste management
Technical aspects of treatment and disposal methods
Toxicity assessment and epidemiological studies
Treatment of Sludge
Treatment of solid wastes
Treatment of water and wastewater
Water and wastewater management
Water resources and river basin management