International Conference on Electronics Computer and Computation 2013


The Tenth International Conference on Electronics Computer and Computation “ICECCO 2013″ will be held on 7-9 November at Turgut Özal University, Ankara, Turkey.
The ICECCO 2013 aims are collaboration for researchers and developers from various areas of electronics and computing, developers and practitioners to explore and address the challenging research issues on e-technology with the purpose of developing a common research agenda and vision for electronics and computer sciences. The main focus of this conference is on the enabling technologies to facilitate next generation. By conducting this conference we hope to make a universal impact on the related subjects.
The Organizing Committee invites you to participate in the Conference by presenting a research paper. Different kinds of papers are solicited, including research papers, lessons learned, status reports, discussion papers, etc. Acceptance of the papers will be mainly based on the following criteria: novelty and significance of results. Commercial and promotional papers and papers already published cannot be accepted.
The Conference provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and latest research results from universities and industries. With this respect we highly encourage PhD students to submit their research studies including preliminary results.
We are soliciting research papers as well as proposals for tutorials on all aspects of Electronics and Computer Engineering in Following areas;

Information Retrieval
Signal Processing
Scientific Computation
Computer Networks
Networks and Data Security
Multimedia Forensics
Biomedical Engineering
Database Systems
Data Engineering
Modeling and Simulation
Parallel and Distributed Systems
Machine Learning and Computational Intelligence
Computer Vision

Conference Chair
İsmail Ertürk, Turgut Özal University
Honorary Chairs
Erol Oral, Turgut Özal University (Rector)
Ali Ayata, International Ataturk Alatoo University (Rector)
Mesut Akgül, Suleyman Demirel University (Rector)
Steering Committee
İsmail Avcıbaş, Turgut Özal University
Ünal Göktaş, Turgut Özal University
Farid Recebli, Turgut Özal University
Vedat Kıray, Turgut Özal University
Humbet Aliyev, Kazakhistan-Suleyman Demirel University
Mustafa Şimşek, International Ataturk Alatoo University
Technical Program Committee (TPC)
Enis Cetin, Ph.D., Bilkent University, Turkey
Abdullah Cavusoglu, Ph.D., Yildirim Beyazit University, Turkey
Abzetdin Adamov, Ph.D., Qafqaz University, Azerbaijan
Adnan Kavak, Ph.D., Kocaeli University, Turkey
Adnan Salihbegovic, Ph.D., University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ahmet Akbas, Ph.D., Yalova University, Turkey
Ahmet Sertbas, Ph.D., Istanbul University, Turkey
Ali Cafer Gurbuz, Ph.D., TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Turkey
Ali Kara, Ph.D., Atilim University, Turkey
Bekir Karlik, Ph.D., Selcuk University, Turkey
Cabir Erguven, Ph.D., International Black Sea University, Georgia
Caner Ozdemir, Ph.D., Mersin University, Turkey
Ensar Gul, Ph.D., Marmara University, Turkey
Erdal Bekiroglu, Ph.D., Abant Izzet Baysal University, Turkey
Ersin Elbasi, Ph.D., TUBITAK, Turkey
Ethem Koklukaya, Ph.D., Sakarya University, Turkey
Fikret Caliskan, Ph.D., Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
Giorgi Ghvedashvili, Ph.D., Tbilisi State University, Georgia
Haluk Gumuskaya, Ph.D., Gediz University, Turkey
Hamit Erdem, Ph.D., Baskent University, Turkey
Ismail Avcibas, Ph.D., Turgut Ozal University, Turkey
Ismail Erturk, Ph.D., Turgut Özal University, Turkey
Jean-Gabriel REMY, Ph.D., IEEE Region 8 Past Director, General Engineer, France
M. Ali Akcayol, Ph.D., Gazi University, Turkey
Mehmet Tumay, Ph.D., Cukurova University, Turkey
Murat Yuksel, Ph.D., University of Nevada, Reno, United States
Nezih Pala, Ph.D., Florida International University, United States
Niyazi Ari, Ph.D., University of Technology Zurich, Switzerland
Nurettin Besli, Ph.D., Harran University, Turkey
Oliver Popov, Ph.D., Stockholm University, Sweden
Orhan Arikan, Ph.D., Bilkent University, Turkey
Peter Sosnin, Ph.D., Ulianovsk State Technicval University, Russian Federation
Recai Pecen, Ph.D., North American University, United States
Slavko Gajin, Ph.D., Belgrad University, Serbia and Montenegro
Tankut Yalcinoz, Ph.D., Meliksah University, Turkey
Ugur Cam, Ph.D., Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey
Unal Goktas, Ph.D., Turgut Ozal University, Turkey
Valeri Skliarov, Ph.D., University of Aveiro, Portugal
Yakup Ozkazanc, Ph.D., Hacettepe University, Turkey

Important Dates:
Conference 7-9 November 2013
Full Paper Submission Deadline 31 August 2013
Acceptance Announcement 30 September 2013

Fee is 150$ for publication for each published paper;
Free of charge and includes:
Conference bag
Conference proceedings and CD
Tea/coffee breaks
Trip to the historical town Beypazarı.

Conference language:

For general questions: [email protected]
Conference Secretaries:
İsmet Ferdi ŞEN, M.Sc.
[email protected]

Döne Yılmaz, M.Sc.
[email protected]


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