International Conference on Education, Culture and Identity

The conference will examine contemporary issues related to education, culture, and identity. Such interrelated issues have become increasingly important in the age of diversity, multiculturalism and globalization. Since such conceptions can hardly be defined and explained by a single academic discipline, this interdisciplinary international conference aims at analyzing them from different perspectives such as educational, psychological, social, cultural, political, historical, literary, visual, artistic and media-related perspectives.
Questions concerning the role of higher education in post-conflict societies, internationalization processes, as well as issues of diversity management and multiculturalism will be examined and debated. Emphasis will be placed on the impact of new technologies on teaching and learning processes. The implications of the globalization of knowledge on curriculum development and cultural identities will be explored in the conference.
Themes on political and historical perspective are in particular related to the politics of identity in the borderless global world – political culture, violence and peace, conflicting national identities and conflict resolution, history, memory, culture and politics, ethnicity and cultural identity, multiculturalism, conflict and reconciliation, culture, and minorities and identities. Therefore, such themes take into consideration political, cultural, religious and historical contexts and examine a broad range of questions.
Literary perspective of the conference put great emphasis on comparative and contemporary literature. An attempt should be made to relate culture, ethnicity and identity to popular genres, contemporary novels, film, drama, poetry, post-colonialism, and nationalism and modernism. Thus, core literary questions could deal with social values, norms and practices, gender and sexuality, culture, ethnicity, minority identity and representation.
Media and visual arts perspective of the conference is also directed towards examining the processes of the creations of social values, norms, beliefs and practices as being expressed in media, communication design, architecture, fashion and various graphics. Hence the focus of the attention should be directed towards examining such processes, tools and methods in order to represent challenges facing the globalized world in very unique media, visual and graphic forms.


Potential Panel Themes

• Higher education in post-conflict societies
• Diversity management and multiculturalism
• Education and technology
• Multicultural education
• Political culture, violence and peace,
• Conflicting national identities and conflict resolution,
• History, memory, culture and politics,
• Ethnicity and cultural identity,
• Multiculturalism and social cohesion
• Culture, minorities and identities
• Diaspora and the politics of belonging
• Comparative and contemporary literature
• Literature, culture, ethnicity and identity
• Post-colonialism, nationalism and modernism
• Gender, culture and ethnicity
• Minority identity and representation
• Media, communication design and fashion
• Social media, social change and civic participation
• The art and politics of cinema
• Art and cultural heritage
• Identity and Social Psychology


Conference Deadlines
Submission of Abstracts April 1, 2013
Notification of Abstract Acceptance April 19, 2013
Registration Ends May 17, 2013
Conference Date July 6-8, 2013

Contact Persons
For Academic :
Ms. Gulsen Devre
[email protected]

For Accommodation :
Mr. Ahmet Faruk Uzuntaş
[email protected]
For Payments :
Mr. Kadir Özey
[email protected]


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