International Conference on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering



Single Session for the major part of the conference with mostly invited lectures by renowned members of TC203. There will be poster presentations and selected oral presentations.


The International Conference on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering will be held on 17-19 June, 2013.


The Conference Venue will be Boğaziçi University, Albert Long Conference Hall.


The official language of the Conference will be English.

Case histories on ground motion and site effects
Soil investigation with field and laboratory testing
Dynamic Characterisation and modelling
Performance based design methodologies; Soil-structure interaction
Physical modelling by shaking table and centrifuge tests
Liquefaction; Lateral spreading
Slope stability; Embankments, landfills and dams
Shallow foundations; Pile foundations
Retaining wall; Reinforced earth; Underground structures


Professor Kenji Ishihara (Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan): New Features of Liquefaction-associated Damage in 2011 East Japan Earthquake
Professor W. Liam Finn (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada): Amplification Effects of Thin Soft Surface Layers: A Study for NBCC 2015
Professor Izzat M. Idriss (University of California, Davis, USA): Evaluation of the Seismic Performance of the Aswan High Dam
Professor Kenneth H. Stokoe (University of Texas, Austin, USA): Field Seismic Testing: Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluations in the Linear and Nonlinear Strain Range
Professor George Gazetas (National Technical University, Athens, Greece): Simplified Nonlinear Stiffness and Damping For Rocking Foundations
Professor Kohji Tokimatsu (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan): Effects of the largest M7.6 aftershock occurring 30 min after the M9.0 main shock on liquefaction-induced damage
Professor Yoshimichi Tsukamoto (Tokyo University of Science, Japan): Integrating use of Swedish weight sounding tests for earthquake reconnaissance investigations
Professor Elen M. Rathje (University of Texas, Austin, USA): Incorporating Site Response into Seismic Hazard Assessments for Critical Facilities
Professor Kyriazis Pitilakis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece): New design spectra in Eurocode 8 and application to the seismic risk of Thessaloniki, Greece
Professor Jonathan D. Bray (University of California, Berkeley, USA): Liquefaction Effects On Buildings in the Central Business District of Christchurch
Professor Takaji Kokusho (Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan): Site amplification formula using Average Vs in equivalent surface layer based on vertical array strong motion records
Professor Misko Cubrinovski (University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand): Liquefaction Characteristics in the 2010-2011 Christchurch (New Zealand) Earthquakes
Professor Ross W. Boulanger (University of California, Davis, USA): Nonlinear dynamic analyses of liquefaction effects on dam
Professor Steven Kramer (University of Washington, Seattle, USA): The Effects of Liquefaction on Earthquake Ground Motions
Professor George Bouckovalas (National Technical University, Athens, Greece): Single pile in laterally spreading ground: Numerical against Centrifuge simulation
Professor Pedro Seco Pinto (National Civil Engineering Laboratories, Portugal): Lessons Learned From Dams Behavior Under Recent Earthquakes
Professor Ahmed Elgamal (University of California, San Diego, USA): Liquefaction and Post-Liquefaction Considerations for Sites with Inhomogenous Soil Strata
Professor Ikuo Towhata (University of Tokyo, Japan): Shaking model tests on liquefaction mitigation of embedded lifelines
Professor Michele Maugeri (University of Catania, Italy): Post-earthquake analysis for a seismic retrofitting: the case history of a piled foundation in Augusta (Italy)
Professor Susumi Iai (Kyoto University, Japan): Combined failure mechanism of a breakwater subject to Tsunami during 2011 East Japan Earthquake
Professor Wei F. Lee (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology): A Case Study of Silty Sand Liquefaction- 2010 Hsin Hwa Liquefaction in Taiwan
Professor Loukas F. Kallivokas (University of Texas, Austin, USA): Full-wave form inversion for site characterization
Professor Susumu Yasuda (Tokyo Denki University, Japan): Effect of long duration of the main shock and a big aftershock on the liquefaction-induced damage during the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake
Professor Michael Pender (University of Auckland, New Zealand): Inferred beneficial effects of SFSI for multi-storey buildings with shallow foundations on gravels
Professor Ramon Verdugo (CMGI, Santiago, Chile): Liquefaction Observed During The 2010 Chile Earthquake
Professor Kemal Onder Çetin (Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey): Assessment of Scaling Factors for Seismic Soil Liquefaction Triggering Problems: A Performance-based Approach
Professor Atilla Ansal (Ozyegin University, Istanbul, Turkey): Site Specific Assessment of Design Earthquake Characteristics
Professor Mohamed Sakr (Tanta University, Egypt)


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