International Art Craft Space Congress

International Art Craft Space Congress
REVITALIZING ART, CRAFT, ARCHITECTURE RELATIONS 2018- 1th International Conference on Revitalizing Relationship between Art, Craft, Architecture aims at generating further discussion on the relationships between art, craft and architecture under the main topics below as a way of sustainability of the integrated and active roles of art and craft within the production of traditional architecture through the new designs.

Through the 20th century, following the Industrialization period, the development of new building technologies brought new discussions that focused on “standardization and uniformization” in architecture as in all other disciplines. By cutting the relationship of architecture with its local context, local culture, craft and art, and introducing standardization in architecture has created a sympathy on buildings which can be constructed anywhere, which have minimum and general architectural qualities and which can address all kinds of users.

The conservation of traditional craftsmanships as a part of intangible cultural heritage can be possible providing their transmission from generation to generation and the continuity of the productions made by craftsmen as practitioners. The end of traditional building production restricts the living areas of crafts and their livability into the restoration processes. The decrease in demand causing the decrease in the number of practitioner craftsmen brings forward the necessity of regenerating the organic relationships of crafts with architecture for their conservation. In this respect, the searching for the ways of the sustainability of craft and architecture integrity in new buildings and contemporary designs is vital.

Authors intending to submit papers to REVITALIZING ART, CRAFT, ARCHITECTURE RELATIONS 2018 are encouraged to address one of the topics of the Conference by providing evidence of ongoing research work. The Conference will welcome papers and presentations on field work, case studies and theoretical approaches to art, craft, architecture from diverse disciplines of architecture, painting, sculpture, interior design, traditional arts, urban design, industrial design, graphic design, conservation and landscape architecture.

The proceeding book including abstracts is planned to be published before 30th of November 2018. Presentations can be in Turkish or English. You may visit our web site ) for detailed information about the Congress. We express our honor to host you in the land of peace and tolerance, in the capital of Selcuk civilization, Konya inTurkey.

With respect and greetings.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özlem KARAKUL, Head of Organization Committee, Selcuk University Faculty of Fine Arts


ART AND ARCHITECTURE| Theories and Practices

Sculpture in Space

Painting in Space

Ceramic in Space

Graphic Design in Space

Art in Urban Space

Land Art

CRAFT AND ARCHITECTURE | Theories and Practices

Wood craftsmanship in Space

Stone craftsmanship in Space

Glass craftsmanship in Space

Metal craftsmanship in Space

Textile craftsmanship in Space

Glazed Tile craftsmanship in Space


The sustainability and conservation of crafts through the contemporary designs

Craftsmanship as intangible cultural heritage

Transmission Process

Conservation policies on traditional craftsmanship