International Art and Design Competition

Since 2000, Po Leung Kuk has been organizing the International Art and Design Competition, with the support of The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Education Bureau, The Education University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Society for Education in Art. In 2015, Elegant Jewellery Holding Limited joined as one of the organizers and co-hosted the Competition together with Po Leung Kuk and the other three co-organizers. Throughout the years, there has been on average around 2000 submissions per year from more than 30 countries or regions, with higher standards each year.

In order to raise the students’ awareness for the global social issues, the theme of the Competition is set according to the International Year observed by the United Nations. To encourage the creativity and artistic talent of students, the submission of artwork can be in any forms, including but not limited to sketches, drawings, three dimensional constructions, computer graphics or artworks which use other skills and materials. At the same time, the Competition provides an artistic platform for students from all parts of the world to express and share their ideas and experiences, as well as understanding the culture and characteristics of art in other countries.

Echoing to the theme of the International Year of Pulses, the Competition aims to raise students’ awareness of the nutritional benefits of pulses as well as sustainable food production.
It is encouraged that the artwork of students should clearly express individual thoughts and feelings towards “Pulses as part of a healthy diet, sustainable food production aiming towards food security and nutrition”.

Age Group (According to the Date of Birth of Participant)
Group 1 on or after 1-9-2010

Group 2 1-9-2007 to 31-8-2010

Group 3 1-9-2004 to 31-8-2007

Group 4 1-9-2001 to 31-8-2004

Group 5 1-9-1997 to 31-8-2001

Entry Requirements
Artwork can be made with various media and styles including drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, sculpture, three-dimensional construction, computer graphic, or other techniques (except materials which are perishable, polluting, pest attracting or stinking. In order to conform to the theme of the competition, please avoid food wastage by minimizing the use of pulses and food ingredients. Pulses and food ingredients used must be processed to avoid perishing or attracting pests). Submitted artworks that are found perished, attracting pests or causing safety and hygiene problems, may be disqualified with no further notice;
Size of 2D artwork: Up to 84 cm x 120 cm maximum;
Size of 3D artwork: Up to 84 cm x 100 cm x 120 cm maximum;
Each entry should not be mounted, folded or rolled-up.

Each school should not submit more than 5 entries for each age group. Each participant should not submit more than one entry (including team work entry). It is not allowed to have more than 4 students in each team work entry;
Artwork should not have been submitted to any other competitions or exhibitions. If the artworks are submitted at the incorrect age group or any rules above are being violated, eligibility of the participant will be terminated;
All entries submitted will be retained for educational purposes and will not be returned. The artwork and the copyright of all entries will belong to the organizers.

Intellectual Property Rights
All participants, their parents or guardians and principals should note and agree to the following:

No entries infringing intellectual property rights will be accepted. In cases when the organizers, co-organizers or any related/affiliated organizations of the Competition are put to any legal actions, demands, claims and costs arising from the entries that are infringing intellectual property rights, the entrants concerned shall accept full liability and indemnify the organizers, co-organizers or any related organizations of the Competition for all loss and damages; and
The organizers retain the right to edit, alter, publish, or use any entries in any forms for exhibition and educational purposes.

Adjudication Panel
A panel of experts will be invited to select the artworks and to decide the results of the Competition. The organizers will have the ultimate decision.

Criteria of Adjudication
Including creativity, skills, expression of the theme of the artwork and participant’s expressive capability.

Submission of Entries
Participants should download and fill the “Entry Form”(sheet 1) in “Electronic Entry Form”.
Print out the “Entry Form” (sheet 2) and “Label of Entry” (sheet 3), and stick the labels on the back of the artworks
Save the whole Excel file in a CD and submit it with the printed “Entry Form” and entries to “Po Leung Kuk C W Chu College, Lung Hang Estate, Tai Wai, Sha Tin, N.T., Hong Kong” between 9th and 11th November 2016 inclusive by mail or in person (submission time from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm). Please state “2016 International Year of Pulses Art and Design Competition (Hong Kong Competition)” on the envelope.

1st Class Honours, 2nd Class Honours and 3rd Class Honours for each age group:

1st Class Honours and 2nd Class Honours: Each will be awarded a trophy, a certificate and a collection album of the awarded works of the Competition. The awardee will also be invited to attend the Prize Presentation Ceremony;
3rd Class Honours: Each will be awarded a certificate and a collection album of the awarded works of the Competition.

* All awarded entries of the Hong Kong Competition will directly go to the “2016 International Year of Pulses Art and Design Competition” in December.

Announcement of the Results of Adjudication
The results of adjudication will be announced on the Competition website and posted to the participating schools directly on or before February 2017. Each participating school will also receive 5 certificates honouring its participants’ achievement. All schools are given the discretion to choose the recipients to be awarded the certificates.

Prize Presentation Ceremony and Exhibition
The ceremony and exhibition will be held in March 2017. Part of the outstanding entries will be exhibited at the exhibition. Details will be announced on or before February 2017.

Collection Album of the Awarded Works
All entries awarded 1st or 2nd Class Honours will be published in the album “A Collection of the Awarded Works of 2016 International Year of Pulses Art and Design Competition”. The copyright of the album will belong to the organizers.

Details and entry forms can be downloaded from the Competition website. For enquiries, please contact Mr. Kenneth Ng, Education Affairs Department of Po Leung Kuk (