INTE 2014

Call for Paper

International Conference on New Horizons aims to provide a multinational platform where the latest trends in education can be presented and discussed in a friendly environment with the aim to learn from each other. Prospective presenters are encouraged to submit proposals for papers and posters/demonstrations that offer new research or theoretical contributions. Papers should be in Italian, Turkish, English, Czech, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic and should address both theoretical issues and new research findings.


Art Education
Biology Education
Chemistry Education
Classroom Teacher Education
College and Higher Education
Curriculum and Instruction
Democracy Education
Development of Science Competencies
Developmental Psychology
Distance Education
Education and Culture
Educational Administration
Educational Planning
Educational Technology
Environmental Education
ESL Education
Health Education
High School Teacher Education
History Education
Human Resources in Education
Human Rights Education
Innovation and Changing in Ed.
Instructional Design
Language Education
Language Learning and Teaching
Language Teacher Education
Learning and Teaching
Guiding and Counseling
Learning Psychology
Mathematics Education
Measurement and Evaluation in Ed.
Middle School Teacher Education
Multi-Cultural Education
Music Education
New Learning Environments
Nursery Education
Parents Involvement
Physics Education
Pre-school Education
Primary School Education
Professional Development
Science Education
Social Sciences Teaching
Society Involvement
Special Education
Sport and Physical Education
Teacher Training
Vocational Education


* Proposal & Abstract Submission Deadline: Until June 13, 2014

* Full Paper Submission : Until June 16, 2014

* Registration: Until June 16, 2014

Conference: June 25 –26– 27, 2014

Attention: When you submit your paper you will be informed about your submission in 4-5 days whether it is accepted or not.

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