Institute of Applied Mathematics: 20th Anniversary

Institute of Applied Mathematics (IAM) is an interdisciplinary centre fostering multi- and interdisiciplinary research opportunities in mathematical sciences. A major aim of IAM is to coordinate mathematics-based research at METU and to initiate and undertake collaborative research with industry.

The Institute of Applied Mathematics began functioning in the academic year 2002-03 by offering Master of Science (MSc) degrees in Financial Mathematics, Scientific Computing and Cryptography. The Cryptography department was the only department offering Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at that time. In the spring semester of the academic year 2004-05, IAM offered PhD in Financial Mathematics and Scientific Computing to cater the growing demands of professionally skilled manpower in Applied Mathematics. In the academic year 2008-09, Actuarial Sciences started to offer MSc degree as fourth program in the IAM.

Two decades of IAM have given its fruits as successful 264 graduates holding M.Sc or Ph.D degrees, many international and national projects, conferences, uncountable publications and research groups whose achievements are highly acknowledged.

IAM keeps moving along with the recent developments in multidisicplinary areas, expands it horizon in research, but remains in line with theoretical Mathematics. As being the unique multidisciplinary institute abridging Mathematics with other sciences, IAM looks forward to many other decades ahead.

In the frame of 20th Anniversary, a workshop is organized which aims to bring IAM Family, experts from industry and academics.


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