IHES2012 International Higher Education Symposium

Distinguished Participants,

The registrations to IHES2012 International Higher Education Symposium continues, which will take place in Aksaray and be hosted by the Rectorate of the University of Aksaray. There are eleven subject headings that are closely related to Higher Education on the symposium program.

We are very proud to welcome everyone in the social programme ,which will include some visits to historical, cultural and natural beauties of Aksaray (the Ihlara Valley, which is the entrance of Cappadocia, Sultanhanı Caravanserai, the natural Salt Lake).

We think that the symposium will be effective in terms of its contribution to Turkish Higher Education and will also be fruitful in terms of the publicity of Aksaray, situated in the middle of the Central Anatolia.

We wish to remind you all that deadline of the registration for the participants to register and submit their abstract is approaching. In addition, we also strongly recommend you to reserve your accommodation in advance.

Hope to meet at a pleasant symposium programme in the city of Aksaray…

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Suleyman Yilmaz
Chairman of the Symposium Organizing Committee

The Structure of Higher Education in EU Countries and in Turkey

Mobility and Employment in the Higher Education Network

Philosophy of Higher Education

Strategies in Innovation, R&D and Entrepreneurial Training

The University, Society, Industry and Business Relations

Transition from Secondary to Higher Education

Functioning of the State and Foundation Universities

Cultural Diversity and Global Responsibility

Management, Finance and Quality Assurance in Higher Education

Technology Usage and Digital Learning in Higher Education, and Search for Methods

Women’s Place in Higher Education in Terms of Gender


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