IFCC WorldLab İstanbul 2014

Dear Colleagues

I have great pleasure in inviting you to attend and make an active contribution to IFCC-WorldLab Istanbul 2014. Istanbul is one of the most exciting cities in the world standing at the gateway between Europe and Asia. It has both an historical and a contemporary influence on science, culture, politics and society. There is much to see and do in the city itself and much to learn from the dynamic and positive approach to the future.

IFCC-WorldLab occurs only once in every three years. As the name suggests it is the global, showpiece international congress for clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine.

The scientific programme contains high quality science coupled with a strong focus on how important laboratory medicine services are to clinical medicine and the wellbeing of patients and the public. The way in which we deliver and add value to those services is also a highlight of the programme. There will be ample opportunity for individual participants to present and discuss their work with their peers.

Our profession is in a growing partnership with the clinical diagnostic industry. The exhibition of equipment, diagnostics, software and the industrial seminars will be at the sharp end of discovery and delivery and it will encourage participants to consider new and exciting ways to improve the laboratory medicine services that they provide.

However, above all else congresses are about people. At IFCC-WorldLab Istanbul 2014 participants will see established colleagues and meet new friends from across the globe. They will find individuals who share scientific and clinical interests and they will have the opportunity to establish long lasting research and clinical practice networks. We can all learn from the experience of others and there is no better place to do this than at a dynamic congress.

IFCC-WorldLab Istanbul 2014 will be a highly successful congress with a strong emphasis on a positive future. It will also be hugely enjoyable. Your presence will add to that success and that enjoyment.

I look forward to meeting you in Istanbul.
Graham H Beastall

President’s Invitation

Dear Colleagues

It is my pleasure to invite you to participate in the IFCC Worldlab 2014 Congress in Istanbul, a city of great beauty and diverse cultures, on 22-26 June, 2014, hosted by the Turkish Biochemical Society.

Distinguished colleagues throughout the world will come together in what promises to be a very interesting, fruitful event, very relevant to today’s ever changing global reality.

With the collaboration of International Scientific Committee and International Advisory Scientific Board, in addition to plenary lectures, symposia, oral and poster presentations, we believe that this Congress will provide a cutting-edge educational and scientific experience, focussing on the latest developments in Biochemistry.

Also, the first time in the history of International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC), the contribution of the other worldwide and regional sister federations such as: World Association of Societies of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (WASPaLM), American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC), Latin America Confederation of Clinical Biochemistry (COLABIOCLI), European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM), Balkan Clinical Laboratory Federation (BCLF), African Federation of Clinical Chemistry (AFCC), Arab Federation of Clinical Biology (AFCB) and Asia-Pacific Federation for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine (APFCB), with a Symposium, will make the Congress the most important scientific event of the world.

With the support of the industry, we hope to accomplish a successful organization, both scientifically and socially.

Istanbul’s new and state of the art congress center, Istanbul Congress Center (ICC) will be hosting us for this Congress. It is located within the heart of the “Congress Valley” downtown and conveniently in walking distance to all major hotels as well as shopping centers, restaurants and night life district.

A vibrant social program will provide an opportunity to explore the fascinating city of Istanbul and other highlights of modern and historic Turkey. Istanbul keeps a distinguished place among the world metropolises, assigned to keep the two continents together with its cultural heritage spanning thousands of years. As one of the most energetic cities in the world, Istanbul continually grows as a center of attraction, representing a contrast in harmony.

My very best wishes, and we are looking forward to meeting you in Istanbul in June 2014. Just reserve your dates and join us where the continents meet!

Nazmi Ozer
President, Turkish Biochemical Society
President, IFCC WorldLab 2014 Congress

Honorary Committee

V. Blaton (Belgium)
R. Dybkaer (Denmark)
J.M.B. Hicks (USA)
M.M. Müller (Austria)
S. Ozkurt (Turkey)
M. McQueen (Canada)
G. Siest (France)
D. Young (USA)
Congress Organising Committee

N. Ozer (Turkey), Congress President
D. Yucel (Turkey), Vice-President
T. Ozben (Turkey), Chair IFCC C-CC
T. Zima (Czech Republic), IFCC C-CC
T. Brinkmann (Switzerland), IFCC Corporate Member
Z. G. Dikmen (Turkey), Secretary
M. Senes (Turkey), Finance
O. Dalmizrak (Turkey), Scientific Secretary
A. Seven (Turkey), Chair Istanbul Branch of Turkish Biochemical Society
International Scientific Committee

N. Ozer (Turkey), Congress President
D. Yucel (Turkey), Vice – President
K. Aksoy (Turkey)
D. Aslan (Turkey)
G. Beastall (United Kingdom)
G. Benga (Romania)
M. Bolayirli (Turkey)
M.B. Djamgoz (United Kingdom)
A.R. Horvath (Australia)
G. Hotamisligil (USA)
G. Mocan Kuzey (Turkey)
Y. Laleli (Turkey)
Y. Ozarda (Turkey)
M. Panteghini (Italy)
O. Portakal (Turkey)
H. Renz (Germany)
F.G. Sagin (Turkey)
M. Serdar (Turkey)
E.Y. Sozmen (Turkey)
K. Ugurbil (USA)
A. Unlu (Turkey)
I. Watson (United Kingdom)
I. Young (United Kingdom)
Local Scientific Program Committee

D. Yucel (Turkey), Committee Chair
D. Aslan (Turkey)
O. Guzel (Turkey)
G. Haklar (Turkey)
Y. Laleli (Turkey)
A. Orem (Turkey)
M. Serdar (Turkey)
E.Y. Sozmen (Turkey)
A. Unlu (Turkey)
International Scientific Advisory Board

N. Ozer (Turkey), Congress President
D. Yucel (Turkey), Vice – President
Z. M. Abate (Ethiopia)
N. Leyla Acan (Turkey)
K. Adeli (Canada)
K. Okhan Akin (Turkey)
S. Alabakovska (Macedonia)
Y. Ando (Japan)
R. Z. Andu (Eritrea)
E. Aranda (Chile)
N.G. Barhanovic (Montenegro)
S. Belazziug (Algeria)
C. Bilgi (Turkey)
Y.Y. Bilto (Jordan)
P. Bjellerup (Sweden)
K.S. Bjerve (Norway)
M. Blanes (Paraguay)
T. Brinkmann (Germany)
D.E. Bruns (USA)
D. Bunk (USA)
A. Buno (Spain)
N. Cabutti (Argentina)
M. M. Campa (Cuba)
F. Ceriotti (Italy)
L. Chabraoui (Morocco)
A.K.C Chan (Hong Kong)
J.-P. Chapelle (Belgium)
M. Cojocaru (Romania)
O. Deger (Turkey)
M. Dizdaroglu (USA)
V. Deutch (Israel)
M. Echavarria (Dominican Republic)
V. Emanuel (Russia)
H. Eraksoy (Turkey)
R. Erasmus (South Africa)
C. Eugen (Romania)
L.L.M. Florento (Philippines)
J. Germano (Portugal)
P. Gillery (France)
A. Griesmacher (Austria)
A. M. Gronowski (USA)
B. Gouget (France)
J. C. Guimaraes (Brazil)
M. Gultepe (Turkey)
G. Guner (Turkey)
N. Gurler (Turkey)
O. Guzel (Turkey)
A. Haliassos (Greece)
N. Hamasaki (Japan)
F. Harb (Syria)
A. Hedili (Tunisia)
S. Hong (China)
V. Q. Huy (Viet Nam)
S. Ignjatovic (Serbia)
O. Ilhan (Turkey)
S. M. Itani (Kuwait)
J. J. Jonsson (Iceland)
A. B. Kasneci (Albania)
J. Q. Kim (South Korea)
G.L. Kovacs (Hungary)
L. Kricka (USA)
Z. Kucinskiene (Lithuania)
K.J. Lackner (Germany)
L. Lai (Malaysia)
C. Lam (Hong Kong)
A. Lagos (Chile)
B. Lutsyk (Ukraine)
O. Maguire (Ireland)
T. Malati (India)
A. Martins (Brazil)
P. Mocarelli (Italy)
B. Mozina (Slovenia)
A. Mumtaz (Pakistan)
J.F. Munoz‐Valle (Mexico)
G. Myers (USA)
O. Najar (Palestine)
P. Neophytou (Cyprus)
V. Neyra (Peru)
A. B. Okesina (Nigeria)
D. Orinda (Sudan)
G. Ozbay (Turkey)
M. Ozcan (Turkey)
M. Ozturk (Turkey)
P. Pidethcha (Thailand)
M. Plebani (Italy)
K. Pulkki (Finland)
Mj Rasaee (Iran)
S. Raymondo (Uruguay)
H. Reguengo (Portugal)
K. Rentsch (Switzerland)
D. Rogic (Croatia)
F. Saatcioglu (Norway)
A. Sancar (USA)
G. Saydam (Turkey)
H. Schimmel (Belgium)
N. Serdarevic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
E. Seres (Hungary)
S. Sethi (Singapore)
A. Seven (Turkey)
M. Shaarawy (Egypt)
G. Shannan (Syria)
S. C. Shiesh (Taiwan)
L. Siekmann (Germany)
R. I. Sierra-Amor (Mexico)
N. M. Singh (Serbia)
G. Skenders (Latvia)
S. Smellie (United Kingdom)
E. Sofic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
W. Van Solinge (The Netherlands)
G. Soyletir (Turkey)
M. Suryaatmadja (Indonesia)
G. Sypniewska (Poland)
A. Tamm (Estonia)
O. Tsolas (Greece)
U. Tuma (Brazil)
K. Tzatchev (Bulgaria)
J. D. Veloso (Phillippines)
H. Weerawama (Sri Lanka)
G. Woollard (New Zealand)
S. J. Zabaleta (Colombia)
M.A. Zablith (Lebanon)
T. Zima (Czech Republic)

For information on any specific topic, please refer to the following e-mails:

General Information:
[email protected]

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