ICEEE 2014

About ICEEE 2014

2014 International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering (ICEEE 2014), which will be held in Antalya, Turkey during April 21-23, 2014.

ICEEE 2014, is to bring together innovative academics and industrial experts in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

The primary goal of the conference is to promote research and developmental activities in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Another goal is to promote scientific information interchange between researchers, developers, engineers, students, and practitioners working in India and abroad. The conference will be held every year to make it an ideal platform for people to share views and experiences in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Call For Papers

ICEEE 2014 is the premier forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of Electrical Engineering. The conference will bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars in the domain of interest from around the world. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution:
• Generation Systems
• Modelling and Simulation
• Load Modelling
• Forecasting and Management
• Power Quality and Grounding
• Maintenance and Operation
• Distribution System Planning and Reliability
• Flexible AC Transmission Systems

High Voltage Engineering and Insulation Technology
• Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS)
• Power integrated circuits (PIC)
• Power engineering related technologies
• Power System & Energy Engineering
• Power System Protection, Operation and Control
• Transmission & Distribution System and Apparatus
• Power System Stability
• Power System Modeling, Simulation and Analysis
• Electromagnetic Transients Programs (EMTP)

Renewable Energy Sources, Smartgrids Technologies & Applications
• Smart grid for distributed energy resources
• Smart grid in interdependent energy infrastructures
• Smart grid for intelligent monitoring and outage management
• Smart grid aplications and technologies
• Smart grid for plug-in vehicles and low-carbon transportation alternatives
• Smart grid for cyber and physical security systems
• Energy Management and Environmental issues
• Hybrid Power Systems
• Distributed and Co-Generation Systems
• Wind Energy Systems
• Solar Energy Systems,
• Hydro Power Plants
• Hydrogen Systems and Fuel Cell
• Power Market and Power System Economics

Electrical Machines and Adjustable Speed Drives
• AC and DC Machines and Drives,
• Reluctance machines and drives
• Permanent magnet machines and drives
• Linear machines and drives
• Sensorless control
• Piezo and electrostatic actuators,
• Modelling and simulation
• Maintenance and Fault Diagnosis
• Electrical Vehicles
• EMC related phenomena
• Electrical Machines
• Control Theory and Applications
• Visual Control
• Machine Learning
• Intelligent Systems and Approach
• Motor drives and motion control
• Analysis and design of electrical machines

Power Electronics, Systems and Applications
• Soft switching converters
• Hard-switching and soft-switching static converters
• Multilevel converters
• Matrix converters
• Emerging topologies
• Power Converters Modelling
• Simulation and Control
• Power Factor Correctors (PFC)
• EMI and over-voltage protection
• Active Filters and Harmonics
• Power Supplies
• Power Electronics Components and Packaging
• Inverter and Converter Technology
• Electric Drivers and Application
• Electronic Materials
• Education and Training for Electrical Engineers
• Nanometer-scale materials engineering
• Optoelectronic photonic devices
• Power semiconductors, passive components and packaging technologies
• Switch-mode power supplies and UPS
• Applications of power electronics
• FACTS Power quality issues, harmonic problems and solutions
• Power electronics in traction and automotive
• Bearingless drive technologies
• Applications of power electronics in home appliance, industry and aerospace
• Modeling and simulation in power electronics
• Power electronics education/professional development
• Telecommunications power supplies
• Electronics, Information & Control Systems

Circuits and Systems
• Analog Circuits
• Digital Circuits
• Mixed Signal Circuits
• Nonlinear Circuits and Systems
• Sensing and Sensor Networks
• Filters and Data Conversion Circuits
• RF and Wireless Circuits
• Photonic and Optoelectronic Circuits
• Low Power Design and VLSI Physical Design
• Biomedical Circuits
• Assembly and Packaging
• Test and Reliability
• Advanced Technologies (i.e. MEMS and Nano-electronic Devices)

Computers and Information Technology
• Computer Architecture
• Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
• Knowledge and Data Engineering
• Learning Technologies
• Multimedia Services and Technologies
• Mobile Computing
• Parallel/Distributed Computing and Grid Computing
• Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
• Software Engineering
• Visualization and Computer Graphics

Communication Systems
• Communication Theory and Information Theory
• Antenna and Propagation
• Microwave Theory and Techniques
• Modulation, Coding, and Channel Analysis
• Networks Design, Network Protocols and Network Management
• Optical Communications
• Wireless/Mobile Communications & Technologies

• Control Theory and Applications
• Adaptive and Learning Control System
• Fuzzy and Neural Control
• Mechatronics
• Manufacturing Control Systems and Applications
• Process Control Systems
• Robotics and Automation

Electrical Power Systems
• Power Engineering and Power Systems
• Electromagnetic Compatibility
• Energy Conversion
• High Voltage Engineering and Insulation
• Power Delivery
• Power Electronics
• Illumination

Signal Processing
• Signal Processing Theory
• Digital Signal Processing Algorithms
• Digital Filter Design & Implementation
• Array Processing
• Adaptive Signal Processing
• Audio, Speech and Language Processing
• Image Processing
• Video Processing
• Medical Signal Processing & Medical Imaging

Conference Committee

Honorary Chairs
Prof. Dr. Suleyman Buyukberber, Rector of Gazi University, Turkey
Prof. Dr. Charles M. Falco, SPIE, APS, OSA and IEEE Fellow, University of Arizona, USA
Prof. Chin-Chen Chang, Feng Chia University, Taiwan

Conference General Chairs
Dr. Mahir Dursun, Gazi University,Turkey

General Co-Chairs
Prof. Ebrahim Khosravi, Louisiana State University, USA
Prof. Aydın Çetin, Gazi University,Turkey

Program Chairs
Dr. Ali Saygın, Gazi University University ,Turkey
Dr. Cemal Yilmaz, Bilkent University Ankara, Turkey
Dr. Arslan İnan, Turkey
Dr. Ertan Zencir, Turkey

Conference Secreteriat
Mr. Wade Qian, Chengdu Section, IACSIT, China
Dr. Fatmagül Koç, Turkey
Dr. Gökhan Manav, Turkey

International Advisory Board
Dr. Abdou Tankari Mahamadou, France
Dr. Bakhyt Matkarimov, Kazakhstan
Dr. Adel Nasiri, USA
Dr. Ahmet Binselam, USA
Dr. Ahmed Zobaa, UK
Dr. Yaşar Birbir, Turkey
Dr. Ahmet Fenercioğlu, Turkey
Dr. Asif Sabonovic, Turkey
Dr. Ramu Krishnan, USA
Dr. Ali Fuat Boz, Turkey
Dr. Athanasios N. Safacas, Greece
Dr. Ali Emadi, USA
Dr. B. K. Bose, USA
Dr. Brayima Dakyo, France
Dr. Cengiz Taplamacioglu, Turkey
Dr. Cetin Gencer, Turkey
Dr. Haci Bodur, Turkey
Dr. Erkan Mese, Turkey
Dr. Sergey E. Ryvkin, Russian Federation
Dr. Chao-liang Ding, China
Dr. Constantin N. Pavlitov, Bulgaria
Dr. Zafer Demir, Turkey
Dr. Ramon Blasco-Gimenez, Spain
Dr. Emil Levi, UK
Dr. Enver Çavuş, Turkey
Dr. José Rodríguez, Chile
Dr. Juan Ignacio Arribas, Spain
Dr. Ercan N. Yılmaz, Turkey
Dr. Murat Yücel, Turkey
Dr. Francisco Azcondo, Spain
Dr. Gökhan Soysal, Turkey
Dr. W. Suemitsu, Brazil
Dr. H. Bulent Ertan, Turkey
Dr. Mohamad H Taha, Lebanon
Dr. Fusun Erdiller, Turkey
Dr. Hamit Erdem, Turkey
Dr. Harun Artuner, Turkey
Dr. Engin Ozdemir, Turkey
Dr. Raif Bayır, Turkey
Dr. Ishwar Sethi, USA
Dr. Mehmet Kurban, Turkey
Dr. İsmail Erturk, Turkey
Dr. Jian-Xin Shen, China
Dr. İlhan Koşalay, Turkey
Dr. Adriano Carvalho, Portugal
Dr. Zdenek Cerovsky, Czech Republic
Dr. Mehmet Uzunoglu, Turkey
Dr. Kamal Al Haddad, Canada
Dr. Kodjo Agbossou, Canada
Dr. Zheng Xu, China
Dr. Gheorghe-Daniel Andreescu, Romania
Dr. Liu-Zhan Pan,China
Dr. Zairi Ismael Rizman, Malaysia
Dr. Luis Gomes, Portugal
Dr. M. Ali Akçayol, Turkey
Dr. William Rosehart, Canada
Dr. Remzi Yıldırım, Turkey
Dr. Frede Blaabjerg, Denmark
Dr. Mamadou Lamine Doumbia, Canada
Dr. M. Timur Aydemir, Turkey
Dr. Marian Kazmierkowski, Poland
Dr. Yasar Birbir, Turkey
Dr. Babak Fahimi, USA
Dr. Marija Mirosevic, Croatia
Dr. Luis Rouco, Spain
Dr. Mehmet Tümay, Turkey
Dr. Miguel A. Sanz – Bobi, Spain
Dr. Mohammed M. Shabat, Palestinian Authority
Dr. Mohammad Abdus Salam, USA
Dr. Carlo Cecatti, Italy
Dr. Hamdi Tolga Kahraman, Turkey
Dr. Gerard Capolino, France
Dr. Antonio Gómez-Expósito, Spain
Dr. Mustafa Burunkaya, Turkey
Dr. Nigel Gwee, USA
Dr. Ali Saygin, Turkey
Dr. Seyid Fehmi DİLTEMİZ ,Turkey
Dr. Nur Bekiroglu, Turkey
Dr. Faruk Bakan, Turkey
Dr. Nurettin Doğan,Turkey
Dr. Metin Kapıdere , Turkey
Dr. Shuju Bai, USA
Dr. Okan Özgenel, Turkey
Dr. Oktay Kaynak, Turkey
Dr. Emmanouel Karapidakis, Greece
Dr. Osman Kalender, Turkey
Dr. Melih Cemal KUŞHAN , Turkey
Dr. Rachid Beguenane, Canada
Dr. Antonio Conejo, Spain
Dr. Rosario Miceli, Italy
Dr. Sedat Sunter, Turkey
Dr. Carlos Couto, Portugal
Dr. Dan Ionel, USA
Dr. Seddik Bacha, France
Dr. Semih Özden, Turkey
Dr. Francis Labrique, Belgium
Dr. Ercan N. Yılmaz, Turkey
Dr. Slobodan Mircevski, Macedonia
Dr. Takaharu Takeshita, Japan
Dr. Marco Liserre, Italy
Dr. M. Fatih Işık, Turkey
Dr.Ünal Kurt, Turkey
Dr. Vladimir Katic, Serbia
Dr. Karel Jezernik, Slovenia
Dr. Youcef Soufi, Algeria
Dr. Huseyin Sayan, Turkey

Important Dates

Paper Submission (Full Paper) Before December 10, 2013
Notification of Acceptance On January 5, 2014
Final Paper Submission Before January 20, 2014
Authors’ Registration Before January 20, 2014
ICEEE 2014 Conference Dates 21-23 April, 2014

Contact Us!

Mr. Wade Qian, Secretary of ICEEE 2014
International Association of Computer Science & Information Technology (IACSIT)
IACSIT China Office, E12, No.51, Tengfei Avenue, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, 610000
ICEEE 2014 E-mail: [email protected]
ICEEE 2014 website:
IACSIT Website:
Complaint E-mail: [email protected]

Dr. Mahir Dursun, Conference Chair
Gazi University University ,Turkey


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