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16-19 April,2012

Dear Friends, Colleagues,

We welcome you to the webpage of the XXXVIIIth IAHS-ITU World Congress to be held in Istanbul on April 16-19, 2012. We are, and also you will be excited to meet in the historic city of Istanbul for a wonderful congress. It will be hosted by the oldest and largest Technical University of Turkey. The meeting rooms are housed in an elegant and historic building, Taskisla, at the center of Istanbul. The city of Istanbul offers great experiences; as walking around and seeing sites from the Roman, Greek and Ottoman periods. The borders of the city expands in two continents, Asia and Europe. As you cross the Bosphorus from Europe to Asia, you live the history.

The Congress has a topic which covers the global interests of all, as we are interested in the improvement of human life. This desire and venture starts with better habitat and environment. The abstracts, which exceed 250 from every corner of the world, will present a complete spectrum of the subject of housing.

As the world population exceeds seven billion and urbanization continues, mostly in Asia, the issue of Mega-cities becomes a topic to confront before the problems become unmanageable. This congress will dwell on this topic, study it with every detail, and try to introduce reasonable solutions. To have new solutions we need people, visionaries, to trace new routes for us. The elite and well-informed participants are the greatest resource to solve the problem.

IAHS presents a great tradition in these World Congresses. In 2012, IAHS will celebrate the 40th year of its founding at the University of Missouri-Rolla. IAHS Congresses have been in many countries, for the last forty years, and it will continue its journey. The next stop will be in 2013, at the Milano Politecnic University, Italy.

IAHS, ITU and all who are involved in the organization of this congress are waiting to meet you in Istanbul. Be sure this will be a congress to remember for all of us!

Professor Oktay Ural, President, IAHS
Professor Muhammed Sahin, President, ITU
Professor Derin Ural, Congress Chairperson

Contact:Prof. Derin Ural, Congress Co-Chair    
Vice President, Istanbul Technical University
[email protected]