Hidrojen Öğrenci Tasarım Yarışması 2012

2011-2012 Hydrogen Student Design Contest: 
Design a Combined Heat, Hydrogen and Power (CHHP)
System for a University Campus Using Local Resources

The Contest is open to undergraduate and graduate students worldwide. Team members must be
enrolled in a college or university by September 1, 2011 but do not have to be enrolled full-time.  
Register via email by contacting Contest Coordinator Emanuel Wagner at ewagner@ttcorp.com.
Include a list of team members and faculty advisor by November 1, 2011, at which time your
abstract is also due.
Important Dates
November 1, 2011:  Registration Deadline (Abstracts are due)
January 16, 2012: Submission Deadline for Phase I (Feedstock Analysis)
April 2, 2012:  Submission Deadline for Phase II (Full Entry)
May 1, 2012:   Announcement of winners to winning teams
May 15, 2012:  Grand Prize team presentation due for WHEC Conference to HEF Staff
June 3-7, 2012:  First public announcement and presentation of all winning designs at
World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2012 International Conference and
Exhibition, Toronto, Canada.

2011-2012 Hidrojen Öğrenci Tasarım Yarışması Resmi Kurallar ve Kuralları