Grundtvig Öğrenme Ortaklıkları Ortak Çağrısı



The aim of the project is to bring together several organisations from different European countries in order to discover and apply new methods in reading field. The partnership will facilitate the active participation of people involved, giving them the opportunity to learn about other cultures and will improve their communication skills in a common language: literature. We intend to develop new methods to bring the books in our communities in order to increase the people’s pleasure and interest for reading in library.

The project is based on non-formal education and includes activities such as: reading workshops, training courses, diction and mimics courses, outdoor activities and cultural trips, power-point presentations, sharing experience and good practices.

The results of the project aim to develop public reading series in order to attract more people towards the Library and to involve them actively in cultural activities.


To promote intercultural dialogue
To facilitate the access to the heritage of European cultures
To discover and develop artistic qualities of the participants
To discover appropriate tools to involve adult people in non-formal and intercultural education
To offer opportunities for personal development of adults and the possibility to start a career in artistic entrepreneurship
To exchange knowledge and gain experience on cultural diversity within the partnership.


You can send us your interest by e-mail to The application form will be sent to selected partners to fill it with information and will be resend to the Romanian coordinator.