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The Google Science Fair – Registration

Welcome to the Google Science Fair sign up form! You are about to sign up to take part in the world’s largest online science competition.

Please fill in all the details below. We will need the email address of a parent or guardian in order to get consent for you to enter, so please let them know that you have signed up for this competition. When you submit this registration form, your parent or guardian will be sent an email requesting their consent. Once they have submitted their consent, you will receive an email confirming your registration.

Please note submissions from entrants who do not obtain parental or guardian consent will not be valid. If you would like to enter the Science Fair as part of a team, note that each member of the team needs to complete this form and have their parent or guardian complete the consent form. When you are ready to submit your project, one member of your team will fill out the submission form and include contact information for each member of your team.

Please be sure to review the Science Fair Rules carefully before you register, to check if you are eligible to enter your project.

Once you have completed this sign-up form, you can get started on your project immediately. If you have any questions please visit our FAQ page and Science Fair Help Forum at

Good luck in the competition!

The Science Fair Team