We all want to believe something through all our life.We give it the name according to the religions.It is dangerous an issue for most of us because some people believe that it is not right to talk about religion.This reason for this,it can contain some dangerous.By hook or by crock,we all have to ask ourselves; what god wants from us?Because ı believe that there is something that God has tries to show us but,what?


My first reason is that nature.Telling nature ua,hardly a day goes,it wants to set eyes on us.For example;floundering around for success,sometimes we are tired,but nature tells;should you are struggle,you must be ready to pay the priece.Not to doing we sacrifice anything while we get something.Above all,the finest ever, internal means chaos.We all fear chaos but it is significant that in fact we all live in chaos; namely,you are inclined to understand nature.The name of the game, why do not we look?Furtermore,produce.For example, let us say to everything that God has shown us to produce: +1,manufactured products: -1, the remaning: 0. Where do we make mistakes? When asking myself this question,I saidthat we obtain “0” for producing what people can consume.Einstein that cames to my mind.In such a way that Einstein said to the others that no is there such thing as past and future,the whole shooting match are illussion.To with; should we have produced,in case people can not consume the profuct, we can acquire”+1″


My second reason is that simulation.On condition that you have seen “matrix”,you might understand what ı say to you.This film is telling us that in living game,we do not see it,though.Come to think of game; Have you ever watch ” The Hunger Games?” For example; there are parallel between the two films.What ı mean is ı am doing one’s job for one the second film to life.Do not we have have an event in our lives every hour and every minute of our lives? In the matrix; it is told that this life is deceptive which leads us to the question of ” Do we live simulated?” Regrettably, it is very difficult to answer.Moreever; at one and the same time, another question that comes to mind astral projection.Why can not we travel astral? Were we to be possible astral projection,maybe,our body would be preventhing it and pure and simple assumption.For example; were we to have got our bodies, we would do astral travel.Do bears shit in the wood?guesss.


On the other hand, it is essential that face the music.That is to say we pay for one’s mistakes for everthing we do in our life.For examples;nature,afresh.As long as people destroy the nature, it will not hurt us.Why will? Let’s look at the present world.We are drifting into chaos;glaciers are melting, the climate is changing.In short,the world is dying.However, calling out madress, they believe that it is harmful.I would also like to point out that chaos.This is an issue that needs to be looked at in
depth.Notably, we need to look at what chaos means.Let me put in this way; the property of a complex system whose behaviour is so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions;namely,hurly-burly.Actually,chaos rules over our world.As a matter of fact,chaos is teaching a lot of infarmation to us.For example,We suppose that quidance conselor and you can be inspired from chaos in order that chaos is taken advantage of a bird’s-eye view; chetain and lion.There are both a like and unlike.You depend on how you can us.

In conclusion, firstly, it is sigificant that what nature is telling to us? What if we understand? Secondly,simulation.In case of simulation, how can we realize?Finally, face the music.Should we carry-the can,What we can give up? In a lot of ways, it is crucial that most of us not know what we live for.In the same breath, still, it is crucial that setting on objective in life,we should know.I do not learn,only,I am trying to raise awareness and I hope, one day,every people will create awareness and the worldwill become a better place.


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