The 11th GLOBELICS International Conference
Entrepreneurship, innovation policy and development in an era of increased globalisation
11-13 September 2013
Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
Global Network for Economics of Learning, Innovation, and Competence Building Systems (GLOBELICS) is an international network of scholars who apply the concept of “learning, innovation, and competence building system” (LICS) as their framework and are dedicated to the strengthening of LICS in developing countries, emerging economies and societies in transition. The research aims at locating unique systemic features as well as generic good practices to enlighten policy making relating to innovation, competence building, international competitiveness, regional development, labour market and human capital development. In an increasingly global and knowledge‐based competition, both management strategies and policy need to be based upon an understanding of how globalization changes these framework conditions.
GLOBELICS has regional chapters in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Apart from providing training for PhD scholars through the Academy at Lisbon and Tampere GLOBELICS organizes annual conferences. Until now ten GLOBELICS conferences have been organized. The first conference was held in 2003, at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, it was followed by the second conference at Beijing, China (2004), the third conference at Tshwane (Pretoria), South Africa (2005), the fourth in Trivandrum, India (2006), the fifth in Saratov, Russia (2007), the sixth in Mexico City, Mexico (2008), the seventh in Dakar, Senegal (2009), the eighth in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2010), the ninth in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2011) and the tenth in China (2012). Leading scholars from both developed and developing countries in the field of innovation, technological change and development have attended these meetings. We welcome our distinguished guests to Middle East Technical University, Ankara in 2013.
The 11th GLOBELICS Conference will be organized in a collaboration between Science and Technology Policy Research Center (METU-TEKPOL) of Middle East Technical University (METU); Center for Competition Research (REKMER) of Yıldırım Beyazıt University (YBU) and Ankara Development Agency (ANKA) and held at Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey. As the previous ones, this organization intends to bring scholars from different disciplines together to enhance the quality of innovation studies in relation to development and growth in the context of globalization and accelerating pace of change. The conference will combine presentation of research papers in parallel tracks with panel discussions and plenary lectures. This year’s Freeman Lecture will be given by the world leading scholar on innovation, Luc Soete of Maastricht University.
Organised by
Global Network for the Economics of Learning, Innovation, and Competence Building Systems (Globelics)
Science and Technology Policies Research Center (METU-TEKPOL), Middle East Technical University, Ankara
REKMER, Yıldırım Beyazıt University, ANKARA
Ankara Development Agency

Conference Themes
Special emphasis will be given to the following themes in the 11th GLOBELICS International Conference.
Science, technology and innovation policy and politics
Financial institutions, intellectual property rights, innovation and development.
Sectoral innovation systems, industrial policy and regional development
National and regional innovation systems
Entrepreneurship and innovation management
Indigenous knowledge, informal sector, innovation and development
Work organization, education and economic development
Inclusive innovation, gender and development
Innovation, sustainable development and energy in the South
Technological infrastructure and technological capabilities
Technological systems, creativity, learning and innovation
Trade, FDI, value chains and innovation networks
Innovation, growth and catching-up
Government policy for innovation-based development
Organisational learning, firm capabilities, innovation and development

Advisory Committee
Bengt-Åke Lundvall, Denmark
Jose Cassiolato, Brazil
Joseph K. Joseph, India
Abdelkader Djeflat, Algeria
Gabriela Dutrenit, Mexico
Luc Soete, The Netherlands
Richard R. Nelson, USA

Organising Committee
Erkan Erdil (METU)
Teoman Pamukçu (METU)
Semih Akçomak (METU)
Yakup Kepenek (METU)
Metin Durgut (METU)
Erol Taymaz (METU)
Onur Yıldırım (METU)
Barış Çakmur (METU)
Aslı Ertan (METU)
Derya Fındık (METU)
Cansu Durukan (METU)
Emre Demirezen (METU)
Gülsevim Evsel (METU)
Muhsin Doğan (METU)
Nehir Yasan (METU)
Tolga Göksidan (METU)
Utku Havuç (METU)
Yelda Erden (METU)
Erdal Akdeve (Yıldırım Beyazıt University)
Mehmet Barca (Yıldırım Beyazıt University)
Asım Balcı (Ankara Development Agency)
Derya Çağlar (Ankara Development Agency)
Alexis Habiyaremye (International Antalya University)
Ali Fıkırkoca (Ankara University)
Aykut Lenger (Ege University)
Bahar Çelikkol Erbaş (TOBB-ETÜ)
Dilek Çetindamar (Sabancı University)
Emek Kepenek (METU-TECH)
Erol Sayın (Karabük University)
Hakan Yetkiner (İzmir University of Economics)
Yeşim Üçdoğruk (Dokuz Eylül University)
Yılmaz Kılıçaslan (Anadolu University)

Scientific Committee
Jose E. Cassiolato, Brazil
Susan Cozzens, USA
Abdelkader Djeflat, Algeria
Shulin Gu, China
Joanna Chataway, UK
K.J. Joseph, India
David Kaplan, South Africa
Erkki Kaukonen, Finland
Edward Lorenz, France
Bengt-Åke Lundvall, Denmark
Maureen McKelvey, Sweden
Mammo Muchie, Denmark
Richard Nelson, USA
Jorge Niosi, Canada
Rajah Rasiah, Malaysia
Luc Soete, Netherlands
Judith Sutz, Uruguay
Gabriela Dutrenit, Mexico
Sunil Mani, India
Alexandre O. Vera-Cruz, Mexico and CapeVerde
Diana Suárez, Argentina
Michiko Iizuka, Japan
Charles Edquist, Sweden
Jacques Mairesse, Netherlands
Pierre Mohnen, Netherlands
Erol Taymaz, Turkey

Middle East Technical University
Mühendislik Merkez Binası, Kat: 3, No: 320 06800 Çankaya, Ankara TURKEY

Conference Secretariat
METU Campus, Ankara, 06800, Turkey
Tel: +90 312 – 210 1545
Fax:+90 312 – 210 1560


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