July 8-12,2012

Istanbul Technıcal University

SDKM,Ayazaga Campus


After having our successful Global Conference on Global Warming (GCGW-2011) in Lisbon, Portugal on 10-14 July 2011 which was chaired by Professor A. Heitor Reis, the advisory committee has decided to bring it back to Istanbul. On behalf of the Organizing Committee I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely appreciate the GCGW-2011 keynote speakers, regular session speakers, specialized session organizers, session chairs and attendees whose contributions and efforts made GCGW-2011 a success one.


As the conference chairman, it is a great honour for me to be with you again and make an open invitation for the next conference: GLOBAL CONFERENCE ON GLOBAL WARMING-2012 (GCGW-2012) which will be held in Istanbul, Turkey on 8-12 July 2012. I am extremely happy that we will have another opportunity to show you the cordial Turkish hospitality and the stunning natural beauty of Istanbul. I am planning to provide luncheons, banquet, reception and other exciting social events where the participants will have an ample opportunity to interact with each other and make a historical turnout and gathering.


GCGW-2012 will include plenary sessions, keynote lectures, and several specialized sessions on different topics related to global warming and potential solutions. Industry participation is very welcomed, and we hope that the conference will lead to effective and fruitful communication between the research, government and industrial communities. I hope that you will find the next conference, GCGW-2012, both enjoyable and valuable, and also enjoy the architectural, historical, cultural and natural beauty of Istanbul, Turkey.


During past year we have witnessed even more drastic catastrophic events worldwide, from Somali in Africa to Japan in Far East. The equation is now more complex and complicated in multi-dimensions with 4Es, namely, Energy, Economy, Environment and Education. It is obvious that there is a unique solution to these issues. We really need to deal with each of these diligently. I also strongly agree with many that we need to implement the MAP (Mitigation-Adaptation-Preparedness) concept.


I am now opening a new page with GCGW-2012 for which we expect greater success with a special coverage on innovative solutions to combat global warming and environmental and sustainability issues.


I look forward to having the opportunity to warmly welcome you all, who have a common goal to bring solutions to local and global problems, for the next GCGW-2012 ( in Istanbul, Turkey, on July 8-12, 2012.


Best wishes for a better World,

Dr. Ibrahim Dincer
Conference Chairman
On Behalf of the Organizing Committee