To be in with a chance of displaying a colourful creation at London’s Natural History Museum, please read about the competition and how to enter below:

*This competition is group entry open to everyone aged 16 and under. Entries are welcomed from any art groups, classes, year groups or a whole school!

*This year’s competition theme is ‘Habitats of the World’ – the challenge is to create an exciting group mini-exhibition/art display interpreting this theme!

*Each Group’s entry should fill a wall space 180cm x 180cm with a table 180cm x 60cm in front. Be as creative as you can, using anything from paint, sculpture or sewing to recycled art to create your own mini-exhibition!

*Entry is FREE. Donations are welcome but will not affect judging. (Suggested donation £20).

*When you are ready to enter please complete our entry form (available online at – you will need to submit 200 words describing how you have interpreted the theme.

*Alongside your entry form you will need to submit a photograph of your Group’s entry and a video/PowerPoint presentation telling us all about your entry and how you have interpreted the theme. Please send these via WeTranser/Dropbox/Google Drive to [email protected] (videos must be no more than 3 minutes long). The video/presentation will be shown at the Natural History Museum if you are selected as an overall or category winner.

*Shortlisted finalists will be chosen from the photographic submission and video/presentation. The successful groups will display their entry at the Natural History Museum on Thursday 7th March 2019.

*If this isn’t possible (e.g. you’re overseas or a long way from London) we will display a
photograph of your entry for judging at the museum.

*Judging to select the final overall and category winners will take place between 12-1pm, with the guest speaker’s talk and prize giving taking place between 1.30-3pm.

*There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, an award for the best International Entry, Personal Choice Awards from the guest speaker and our sponsors, O’Mara Books, as well as The David Shepherd Award. Every shortlisted finalist will receive a special certificate and a goody bag. Make sure you have checked our Terms & Conditions overleaf before you enter.


Terms & Conditions

• Each entry must comprise the work of children all of whom are aged 16 and under.

• Each entry must interpret the theme ‘Habitats of the World’.

• All entries must be received by 31st January 2019.

• Overall and category winners will be awarded group prizes.

• The decision of the judges will be final.

• It is the responsibility of the shortlisted winners to ensure that all materials for their display are brought to and set up at the Natural History Museum between 10am-12pm on March 7th 2019 and removed after the event.

• Overseas or long distance entries: Once you have entered, you will be contacted about
your display preferences should you be shortlisted for the final. Should it not be possible
to display your entry on the day, we will represent your entry by displaying your submitted
photograph, and may use elements of your video/presentation, for judging.

• Overall and category winners will have their submitted video/presentation played at the
Natural History Museum. Finalists may also wish to prepare a presentation for student
delivery on the day.

• Please ensure that any student who appears in a video or presentation submitted has
appropriate permissions for their photograph/video of their image to be used. Any video
or presentation that is submitted may be used for press and publicity purposes.

• Entries will be judged on the quality of art, interpretation of the theme, level of collaboration and creativity.

• Any groups shortlisted and displaying their entry at the event may be allocated up to 12
places to attend. Additional places may become available once numbers are confirmed.
Participating students/children, teachers/group leaders and/or parents may attend.
Numbers are strictly limited by the capacity of the Flett Theatre.

• Any donations can be made either by cheque made payable to ‘DSWF’ (please include the
name of the group / school you are paying for) or by calling the office Mon-Fri 9am-5pm on
01483 272323.

Each entry submission must comprise a:
– completed entry form
– photograph
– video or PowerPoint presentation of no more than 3 minutes long

Saba House, 7 Kings Road, Shalford, Surrey GU4 8JU
01483 272323
[email protected]


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