Future of Education, Trainer of the Future

Future of Education, Trainer of the Future

Industry 4.0 industrial revolution not only tends to be technically advanced but also the education and awareness of the children who will manage this technology and the whole humanity that will benefit from this technology. In this context, imiz Innovation in Education ”is a very serious responsibility for our country and our future
For this educational model that the next generation needs, the Jr.Robotics School of Science integrates technology into education in today’s age of technology;

– Cultivate qualified generations,
– Giving children and young people the courage to reach their dreams,
– Improve analysis, problem-solving skills
– Being useful to society

It offers innovative solutions.
Jr. The Robotics School of Science also organizes professional development programs for trainers.

With this training program, the innovative solutions needed by the next generation; STEM aims to provide its students with the understanding of science, engineering, technology and mathematics.

• The STEM & Maker Trainer Training Program aims to introduce STEM & Maker training approach, innovative teaching and learning approaches that can be integrated into today’s education, and disseminate the research direction to the instructors.
• Trainers can determine the orientation and orientation of each student in the STEM category with student follow-up as a result of the trainings.
• As a result of the program, our trainers: Using LEGO education solutions in their classes, they can offer their students a learning experience that they will remember throughout their lives.
• Establish robotic clubs in schools and allow students to participate in national and international tournaments.
• Tübitak projects, science fairs etc. prepare students for events

Training Titles
• STEM Experimental Workshops
• Lego Robotics
• 3D Printer Technologies-CAD
• Augmented Reality Applications
• Electronic World with Arduino
• Internet of Things with App Inventor

Who Can Attend
• Teachers
• Teacher candidates
• University students
• Those interested in robotics education and coding (programming for training, coding knowledge not required)