FIRST Robotics Competition

The event is to increase students’ interest in science and technology organized by Fikret Yuksel Foundation in Turkey. The aim of the event is; It is the fact that high school age young people adopt team spirit, help and place together and focus on process.

The students are expected to build their own business plans and create a sustainable team by making their robots within the specified game and rules. In addition to the robot performance, the technical teams and the values ​​they bring to the society are evaluated and the teams examined are rewarded as a result of the evaluation of the juries in their field from different sectors.

The event is all conducted with sponsors and volunteers. Hearts are at every moment of the work and in the field. They do everything they need to do with great care and devotion. “Increased volunteers and we sponsor to get the number of teams in 2018 in this journey we started with 8 team in 2015 to approximately 1,800 students removing 64.

He Fikret Yuksel Foundation Representative in Turkey, Ayse SELCO, this activity students with science and increase their interest in technology as well as educational institutions he also emphasizes that the relations between the sectors are rapidly developing.

Participation in 2018 Turkish Robotics OffSeason, which will be at the forefront of science, technology and creativity for three days, is free of charge.

In March 2018, 26 countries across the world from 3660 teams participated in the tournament as America, China, Canada, Israel, after Mexico and Australia, Turkey has hosted this international event organized as the seventh country. 2018 Turkish Robotics OffSeason, which will take place on 20-22 October 2018 at Ülker Sports and Activity Hall, will host 64 high school team robots from 15 different cities including Samsun, Adana, Manisa, Kastamonu and Afyon.