İstanbul 19 Ekim 2012

(Ücretsiz Katılım)


Hosted under the auspices of the Turkish EUREKA chairmanship we are pleased to present the EUREKA Venture Forum, an Investment Forum targeted at showcasing most promising high-tech entrepreneurs from Turkey and globally to an audience of top-tier international venture capital corporate investors and strategic partners.

The EUREKA Venture Forum will take place in Istanbul on 19 October 2012 and play an active role in the European and Turkish innovation scene. It will foster start-ups and high-tech, high-growth entrepreneurship, internationalization of Turkish start-ups through contact with blue chip investors and it promotes Turkey as innovative, attractive and rewarding country to do business with or to invest in.

Prior to the Venture Forum there will be a Dry-run on 18 October 2012 aiming at developing venture-backed and early-stage entrepreneurs and preparing them for presenting at the Forum. The half-day event gives companies the possibility to rehearse their presentation in front of other companies and investors. Experienced coaches from the relevant industry areas will work very pragmatically with the presenters to prepare them for their presentation on the next day.

The EuVF is a European Venture Contest Semi-Final and the top quartile (best 25%) companies from the EUREKA Venture Forum will be selected for the yearly European Venture Summit which will take place in December 2012.

In short


  • Discussion sessions on investment trends and market opportunities
  • 30 – 40 Presentations of companies to investors
  • 40 – 50 International investors
  • One2one meetings between entrepreneurs and investors
  • Emphasis on innovative technologies for global growth