EMU-CWS 5. International Conference on Gender/Women’s Studies Neoliberal Discourse, and Gender Equality

Eastern Mediterranean University-Center for Women’s Studies
5th International Conference on Gender Studies

Neoliberal Discourse and Gender Equality


The Fifth International Gender Studies Conference, which will be held in Famagusta, North Cyprus on March 25 – 27, 2015 by the Center for Women’s Studies of the Eastern Mediterranean University, aims at bringing together scholars, researchers, performers and activists from various disciplines to present their works and exchange ideas on a wide range of issues such as economics, sociology, psychology, politics, law, communications, art, and a variety of disciplines under the general theme of “Neoliberal Discourse and Gender Equality”. Neo-liberal discourse and policies require us to think about the problematic relation of the state-civil society-individual from multi-dimensional perspectives. Therefore, our conference aims at opening the relation between gender identity and neoliberal discourse and policies to discussion with respect to patriarchy, feminist theory, queer theory, social justice, political participation, sexuality, media, education and human rights.

The conference will be held over three days at Eastern Mediterranean University Conference and Culture Center and will explore the following themes:

Neoliberal Discourse and Policies:

• Patriarchy
• Feminist Theory
• Queer Theory
• Women’s Movement
• Social Justice
• Immigration
• Political Participation
• Women Labor
• Women’s Health
• Body and Sexuality
• Education Policy
• The Media
• Human Rights
• Women’s Human Rights
• Art
• Women’s History
• Space


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question.


Center for Women’s Studies
Eastern Mediterranean University
Faculty of Business and Economics – BE159
Famagusta Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC) Via Mersin 10, Turkey

Phone : 00 – 90 392 630 2269 – 630 4023
Fax: 00 – 90 392 365 1017


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