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The east we know is not the same east; the west we know is not the same west anymore. Economies are interconnected and as in the butterfly effect there is a sensitive dependence on contextual factors. Companies are not monogamous, they transact within enmeshed relationships that are collaboratively built with their counterparts, suppliers, distributors, consultants, associations, governments etc. Transition from the Real World to the virtual world facilitates empowerment of consumers who constantly engage in countless exchanges. In such an environment, organizations and individuals are subject to a range of influences and open to inter-dependencies. While those changes occur, having a static, preconceived world view would be a major blunder for corporations when investing in global markets.

Interactions among and across consumers and businesses are dialogical transactions inextricably bound to interconnectedness between micro and macro contexts in which both parties exist and evolve. Through interactions, clients and firms move towards understanding each other and even learn about their own selves. However, such a learning process could be overwhelming due to too much information flux and availability that instead of detailed analysis, proximities could be used to reach conclusion for reducing risk. Such contextual dynamism may lead message and offering interflow to be illusive and may increase the need for better marketing strategies to recover any losses in translation of marketing practices into customer gain and retention.

In order to eliminate the risk of mistranslation of the observed to actions, the use of marketing research to accumulate market intelligence sh
ould revise its conventional divide of quantitative and qualitative approaches. Rather, for building mechanisms to elicit interim feedback, both worlds should be reconciled towards breeding a collaborative expertise as to support cumulative learning.

As the organization committee, we are very pleased to welcome you to leverage knowledge on these current issues in marketing by hosting the 42nd EMAC Conference in June 2013 at İstanbul Technical University, Management Engineering Department. We look forward to meeting you in Istanbul, the city that inherently bridges the East and the West.

Elif Karaosmanoğlu
2013 EMAC Conference Chair

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