Education in a Digitalized World: Education 4.0

Digitalization transforms working life and this dizzying transformation brings with it the search for manpower to meet expectations. Recent advances in artificial intelligence and robotics have begun to dramatically change the way people work, learn and communicate.

On 28-29 June 2018, the OECD and the Portuguese government jointly organized the Bec Skills Summit for the Digital World ”. Ministers and other senior officials from more than 20 countries attended the event in Porto to discuss the main challenges and opportunities that stem from digital transformation. At the summit, the emphasis was on using technology as a tool to expand and expand the use of education.

In addition, in order to create new value when faced with the automation of digitalization, people; In order to gain skills such as critical thinking, creativity, communication and cooperation, the parent education program was opened. Because; students in a technology-rich classroom environment significantly increase their problem-solving skills; Students in non-digital classroom environment are subject to skill erosion. In a digitalizing world, the desire to continue learning; it is necessary to keep up with technological innovations.

Skills; It is the new currency of the 21st century, and the countries in a rapidly changing world; development and value added capacity. Therefore, countries should adopt an inclusive and vital approach to skills development, adopt lifelong learning as a principle and seek new skills throughout their lives. Thus, in addition to catching new opportunities at work and in their daily lives; adapt to the changes faster.

Making sure that digital transformation facilitates human life and leads to better life will ensure that the importance given to skill policies is at the highest level. Because digitalization; skills systems and education should be redesigned as they change the way people work, communicate and interact with each other. Schools should play a key role in helping people gain the skills they need in the future.

In the future, new occupations will take place in the business world.