EAFEST Student Competition 2013

Great prizes on offer with the EAFES EU mega projects energy competition

Got a project on the go in relation to European Mega-projects? Why not enter our student competition? The European Agency for Energy Security’s first competition is still open for entries with over a month to go to get your entry in!

There are great prizes for the top three entries. The first prize is 400 Euros towards an energy-related research project, the second prize is a partial scholarship for EAFES 2013 Vienna Summer School and the third prize is a selection of scientific books recommended by EAFES. All prizes also include complimentary membership of the EAFES framework for one year.

To enter, simply submit your paper on ‘the justification of mega-projects in the EU energy mix’ in around 1500 words. Budding professionals studying energy related topics at undergraduate or postgraduate levels should simply send completed papers to [email protected] by the closing date of 15 January 2013.

Commenting on the competition, Dr Michal Chudý, Executive Director of EAFES says, “We are eager to support the innovative drive of young creative people and to share their ideas under the umbrella of EAFES. We are looking forward to receiving lots of papers giving a fresh approach with unconventional answers to Europe’s future energy demand. I’d like to wish all applicants good luck.”

Dealing with energy as a resource in a sustainable way is a globally recognized goal. However, all traditional ways of producing energy have serious impacts on the environment and society – therefore the search for new approaches and clever opportunities will, and should, never end.

We’d like to know – do the benefits of mega projects outweigh the difficulties caused by such huge projects? Is the collaboration between the nations strong enough to realize them? What are the challenges and opportunities involved in mega projects, and what possible unconventional methods of energy production in Europe are feasible?

Competition entries should address these questions, either by considering a specific possible mega project or conducting a general analysis of the issues. Submissions prepared for a university project or dissertation at undergraduate or postgraduate level, or written specifically for this competition, are equally acceptable. Be part of this great project!

Enter today and become recognized within the EAFES innovative multidisciplinary community and receive some great prizes for the best papers. Individual and group entries are welcome. For group entries, the prizes outlined above are divided between group members.

Find out more at www.eafes.eu or email [email protected] for further information.


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