Congratulations and Thanks

Logo selections were made for the fairy tale project called Tell Me A Fairy Tale. In the project, in which different countries from the world took part, the students made their logo designs. Two logos from each country participated in the selection. First, a questionnaire was prepared for the logos. Each country then submitted the two logos for the survey. The survey link was distributed to all around us for the dissemination of the project. We, as Balıkesir İstanbulloğlu Social Sciences High School, participated in the election with the logos of Elif and Beyza. We selected these two logos among the logos of our school project students. We supported two logos with our entire school and community. Among these, Elif’s logo was selected first in the voting attended by world schools and became the logo of the project. We congratulate all our project students, especially Elif. We would also like to thank our teachers, parents and environment for supporting us.