Conference on Wind Energy Science and Technology

METU Center for Wind Energy (METUWIND) is pleased to announce “RUZGEM 2013 Conference on Wind Energy Science and Technology” to be held in METU Ankara Campus, on October 3-4, 2013.

RUZGEM 2013 offers a forum for the presentation and discussion of different aspects of wind energy and wind turbine technology related research by gathering prominent academicians, researchers and professionals in the field. Its goal is to promote and exchange scientific knowledge and research outcomes in the wind energy sector.

RUZGEM 2013 Conference on Wind Energy Science and Technology organized by METUWIND will
provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of different aspects of wind energy and wind
turbine technology related research. Technical papers are sought in the general field of wind energy.
The conference topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
 Wind Farms and Wakes
 Rotor Aerodynamics
 Turbine Modeling and Control
 Wind Turbine Structural Design and Optimization
 Wind Turbine Aeroelasticity and Loads
 Atmospheric Effects and Inflow Modeling
 Wind Resource Assessment and Micrositing
 Structural Mechanics and Dynamics
 Composite Materials
 Electromechanical Systems
 Hybrid Systems
 Innovative Design Applications
 Socio-economic Issues and Public Acceptance
 Wind Energy Training and Education
Authors are invited to submit extended abstracts of 3-5 pages with key figures and references.
Abstracts should clearly state the purpose, the methodology, the results and the conclusions of the
work, and should begin with a short summary. Contributions to the state of the art and references to
relevant publications in the existing literature should clearly be stated. Abstracts will be reviewed and
selected based on technical content, originality, importance to the field, clarity of presentation, and
potential to result in a quality full paper. The abstract must include paper title, names, affiliations and
contact information of all authors. The language of the conference is English. The prepared material
should be in pdf format and submitted online through RUZGEM 2013 website (
Abstract Submission Deadline: May 1, 2013 Exdended to May 13, 2013
Notification of Acceptance: June 17, 2013
Final Manuscript Submission Deadline: August 19, 2013
Early Registration Deadline: August 1, 2013
Conference: 3-4 October 2013
The conference is held at Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara, Turkey. The conference
venue is the Cultural and Convention Center in the campus. METU, a state university founded in 1956,
has 47 undergraduate programs within 5 faculties. The language of instruction is English. Currently it
has about 22.000 students, 25% of which is enrolled in graduate programs. METU hosts about 1500
international students from nearly 65 different countries.

Concerning your questions about conference organization, please contact:

Erden Göktepe
Executive Chair
EU-Foreign Affairs & Adminstrative Director
Tel: +90 312 210 7469
[email protected]

Concerning your questions about your trip organisation, please contact:

Zeynep Uygurer
Project Coordinator
Tel: +90 312 447 8402
[email protected]


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