Codeweek Activities

Our school, Istanbulloğlu Social Sciences High School philosophy group teacher Dr. A. Akbulut, completed the coding week activities with the students in all the projects of which he is the founder and partner. For the Çedes project activity, the importance of Republic Day, one of our national holidays, and the 100th anniversary of the Proclamation of the Republic, students researched the topics of what is the Republic, what is Republicanism, and the importance of Atatürk. Then, a puzzle activity on the flag and Ataturk was held.
For the AI-eTwinning Project, our school information technologies teacher Dr Yunus Emre Avcu explained artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence tools to our students. Our teacher emphasized that philosophy, psychology and linguistics will be among the professions of the future, which made us very happy.

In our eTwinning projects named Scientific Gaflar-3 From Nature to Technology and Let’s Write an Ekphrastic Poem, which we founded, we researched our tasks on what is owl and ekphrastic poem from resources and Chatgpt.

We made a puzzle of the school logo for the Green Planet eTwinning Project and had fun learning with this game.

Thus, we successfully completed Codeweek events with our school students. We would like to thank the school administration, informatics teachers, Yunus Emre teacher and students who supported us.