Biotechnology and other Omics in Vegetable Science

Dear Colleagues,

It is my privilege to invite you and your colleagues to attend International Symposium on Biotechnology and other Omics in Vegetable Science which is planned to be held on 29 April – 02 May, 2012, Antalya-Turkey.

It is a well known fact that the present status of biotechnology and other omics stimulates more active collaborative efforts to exploit the potentials of biotechnology generally in agriculture and vegetable science. The symposium is focused on the use of biotechnology and other omics in research to discover basic molecular events modeling in vegetable science, development and productivity. It is hoped that the new information will contribute to increase successes in vegetable science and related industries. During the symposium special attention will be devoted to in vitro propagation, plant regeneration processes, somatic embryogenesis, ploidy manipulation techniques, protoplast culture and fusion, in vitro mutagenesis, somaclonal variation, elimination of pathogens, cryopreservation, cisgenic strategies, alternative selection systems, expression and regulation of transgenes, chimera detection, transient expression assays for gene function analysis, RNAi, transgene stability, gene identification, QTL identification, BAC libraries, gene isolation, candidate genes, association mapping, molecular markers, new sequencing techniques, ESTs, marker assisted selection, genomic databases, bioinformatics, disease resistance/ tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses, biotechnology to reduce impact of climate change on vegetable growth and production, vegetables and product quality, flavor, texture, post-harvest handling, industrial and pharmaceutical traits, release and commercialization of transgenic varieties, risk assessment studies, transgene stability, and public acceptance of GM vegetable crops.

The organizing committee wants to provide encouraging conditions for young scientists to show their excellence in vegetable sciences and research. It is hoped that useful discussions is going to take place after the presentations. The poster session is open for all the interested researchers and students in where details are shown and discussed. It is thought that this meeting offers an optimal environment for personal contacts and initiation of collaborative projects.

We expect perfect weather conditions in Antalya with lot of sunshine during meeting time. The social events are expected to provide new dimensions for establishing personal friendships. So join us in early May, 2012 for an outstanding scientific meeting.

Prof. Dr. A. Naci ONUS