Being an entrepreneur in the light of “FLASH OF GENIUS” (spoiler alert)

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Bilge Sevil ASLANv

An entrepreneur has ideas every time. Especially, he or she is an inventor also, in daily life, to find a new solution easily. As expected, these brilliant ideas make a lot of money such as super crema gianduja –Nutella, Gauri Nanda’s Clocky, or Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. All of this, because of the one inspirational moment for inventors. That moment, for Robert Kearns, resulted in creating a wiper blade mechanism modeled on the human eye, which blinks every few seconds rather than continuously.

An invention has to be unique; in other words, it has to be something that has not been done before for business. Otherwise,  this idea is stolen. In order to protect the idea/invention, a patent is very important. Because it can protect any product, design, or process that meets certain specifications according to its originality, practicality, suitability, and utility.


After Robert Kearns invent the electronic intermittent windshield wiper, at first, offered the invention to Ford. However, Ford did not accept the agreement. Then, somehow, Ford’s new cars had intermittent windshield wipers! After Kearns examine the car, he figured out that it was his invention.

Legal battle began against Ford to protect his invention and patent; Ford was infringing Kearns’ patents. Even though Kearns was alone against the Ford Company Lawyers and even the company offered money to withdraw from the case; the only thing is to be expected as an inventor. Because, otherwise, like Kearns says “It’s like you’re a nothing, you’re a gnat. You don’t count. You just don’t count.”1.

Therefore to star-up, an idea or invention is necessary yet an entrepreneur should be careful to protect the idea. Of course, to find financial support, the idea should be explained yet it has to be shared without sharing key points.


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