International Conference On Automotive and Vehicle Technologies 2013

AVTECH’ 13, International Conference on Automotive and Vehicle Technologies 2013 will be hosted by Yıldız Technical University in Istanbul as a place of discussion on vehicle dynamics, engine technologies and innovative approaches in automotive industry. It will also focus on green technologies, fuel efficiency, safety and comfort and recent design concepts. The conference aims to bring together the leaders in sector and representatives from all around the world to share the latest achievements and experience to produce cleaner, safer, user friendlier and fuel-efficient vehicles.
AVTECH aims at attaining fuel efficient vehicles by means of this unique gathering of industry, government and environmental organizations.

A) Vehicle Technologies
1) Development of Power Transmission Systems
2) Test Systems and Methods After Design and Production
3) Innovative Designs in Vehicle electronics
4) The Safety and Comfort of Board/ Car Body (Improvements in NVH Technologies)
5) Manufacturing Technologies and Raw Materials
6) Lubricant and Surface Technologies for Future Vehicle Applications

B) Engine Technologies
1) Internal Combustion Engine Technologies
2) Fuels, Combustion and Energy Efficiency
3) The Affacts of the Tribological Factors on the Engine Performance
4) Current and Future Exhaust Emission Regulations, Implementation and Innovative Technologies
5) Alternative Fuels, Hybrid Engines, Electrical Vehicles and Fuel Cells
6) Reserch and Development on Engine Tribology

C) Innovative Approaches
1) Design and Technology Developing
2) User Friendly In-vehicle Accessories Designs
3) Contribution of Motor Sports in Technology
4) Ecological Approaches
5) The Efficiency in Manufacturing and Developing of Subcontractors.

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