Asya-Avrupa Vakfı Kısa Film Yarışması

Asya-Avrupa Vakfı Kısa Film Yarışması

Today is the beginning of tomorrow. With the world becoming the smaller place, people and cultures are mixing more than ever, finding futures intertwined. Regardless, cultural differences are still present. Diversity makes interactions interesting, fun and sometimes challenging.

We invite you to give your view of Asia and Europe’s connections of the future, the diversity of the now and the interesting challenges of a small world with big populations. Imagine the connection between Asia and Europe. What does it mean for you? How do you see the two regions relate with each other?

Express your views in a short, up to 3 minute film of any type (animation, documentary, fiction, mobile phone video) be it related to cultures, arts, environment, education, economy or individual relationships, and take part in the first Asia-Europe Short Film Contest.

If you are a national of one of the 46 ASEM countries, from 18 to 35 years old, and you are creative and eager to express your view, take part of this contest to win a fantastic prize.


This contest is organised by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), in partnership with the National Library Board Singapore.

A jury will evaluate the submitted shorts and select four winners. In addition, a fifth winner will be selected based on votes cast by an online audience in accordance with the following rules:
1. REQUIREMENTS: Participation in this competition implies acceptance of the rules of this short film contest. Please make sure to read the terms and conditions before participating. By submitting your short film, you agree to the following terms and conditions. Unless you accept these terms, you will not be eligible to participate in this contest. These rules constitute a binding agreement between participant and organiser.

2. ORGANISER: The Asia-Europe Foundation, based in Singapore

Asia-Europe Foundation

31 Heng Mui Keng Terrace

Singapore 119595
3. NATIONALITY: The contest is open to anyone between the age of 18 and 35, who is a national of one of the 46 ASEM countries . For a full list of ASEM countries, please refer to the footnote below.

4. ELIGIBILITY: This contest will not be effective in those areas where it is prohibited by law. As the organizer, ASEF reserves the right to verify the eligibility of the participant and to resolve any discrepancy that may arise.
5. HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Participants can upload their short films by registering on the website – – after having agreed with the terms and conditions.

6. DEADLINE: Short films should be uploaded by 9 April 2012, 23.59 (SGT)

7. JURY: A jury panel will shortlist the finalists, after which a high profile team of judges consisting of one European and one Asian renowned filmmaker, will determine the final winners – four winners in total.

8. AUDIENCE AWARD: An additional winning film will be chosen by the public via online voting. There will be two rounds: the first – voting for the short films on the contest website and the second – voting on the ASEF Facebook page for the 10 finalists.

9. WINNERS: The winners will be personally contacted in the second half of April 2012. The 5 winners (one single director or film initiator per short film) will each receive a paid trip to Singapore, including three nights in a hotel, to receive their award, and to attend a two-day filmmaking workshop at the world-famous Film School in Singapore. The winner who is awarded first place in the contest will also receive a monetary prize of SGD 5000/-. All submitted short films will be screened to the international public in Asia and Europe at relevant ASEF events. ASEF can assist the winners in arranging for the necessary visas and other travel documents they need to travel to Singapore to receive their prizes and awards.

10. ELIMINATION: Any false information submitted by any participant concerning identity, postal address, phone number, email address, property rights, or the breach of these terms and conditions can result in the immediate disqualification of the participant. Any short film that contains actual or very graphic portrayal of fictional violence, potentially offensive language, and partial pictorial nudity, or other inappropriate content, will not be accepted.

11. COPYRIGHTS AND PORTRAYAL: Participants need to clear all rights related to the portrayal of people and buildings, including the copyrights of music featured, where applicable. Should any problem arise based on the unauthorised usage of images and music, ASEF will not be held responsible and the filmmaker will be contacted.

12. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS: By participating in this contest, participants authorize Asia-Europe Foundation to use and disseminate the submitted short films for any ASEF-related purpose at any time. ASEF on the other hand, will make sure that the name of the participant responsible for that particular short film will be featured whenever the short films or clips from the short films are shown or used. The winners of the competition will transfer copyrights and exploitation rights to Asia-Europe Foundation, in the framework of any ASEF project. Should the winners not consent to these conditions, Asia-Europe Foundation reserves the right to choose an alternative winner.

13. ADVERTISING: The winners will have to consent to  allow the organisers (ASEF) the right to use their name and short film for outreach, awareness raising and communications purposes for the organisation (Asia-Europe Foundation), without any additional compensation, except where there is a legal prohibition. Participating in the competition implies consent on behalf of the creator to ASEF’s claim to copyright, distribution, and exploitation rights.

14. RIGHT OF CANCELLATION, MODIFICATION OR DISQUALIFICATION: If for whatever reason the contest could not be held as planned, the organizer reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the competition.

15. IN THE EVENT OF A LEGAL DISPUTE: All sides agree that Singapore will be the forum, and the relevant law in Singapore will apply.