AŞIK OLUNACAK CESUR FİKİRLER ARIYORUZ! Sen de fikirlerini dünyayla paylaşmak için ideatrophy.com’a gel, yarışmaya başvur, kariyer yolculuğun için ilk adımı at! Başvuru için son tarih: 23 Ekim!

Undergraduate or master students from all departments and levels of seniority from universities in Turkey can participate in the 17th Edition of Unilever IdeaTrophy with Cornetto.

The travel and accommodation expenses of all finalists who reside outside of Istanbul will be covered by Unilever via the travel agency of Unilever.

It is not required for all the team members to be from the same university. Students from different universities, classes and different faculties or undergraduate and master students may be in one team.

Unilever IdeaTrophy is a creative marketing experience, where you will figure out how business works in real life while developing your skills and competencies. Unilever IdeaTrophy offers a unique learning experience for all participants at all stages, the winners will also be enjoying an international experience in London besides the charming awards!

What we are looking for…
Your excitement, passion and love
Coherency with the target audience
Creativity based on sound analysis and strong strategy as well as personal insights and observations
Innovative ideas
Deep understanding of lovestrucks
Being on the brief
Applicability with business life
Effectiveness & clarity in all verbal and written language