It was an international project co-founded by Turkey and Spain. There were also partner schools from İstanbul and Balıkesir. The aims of this project were to improve four skills in English, improve technological knowledge, recognize animals, tell their names and talk about them in English. Throughout the project, there were many different activities such as multilingual audio dictionary, animal documentary, suggestions book to help and protect animals. Students learnt many different animals and told us about these animals’ types, abilities, habitats, diet, physical appearance etc. Besides, there was a virtual classroom activity and students created their own avatars and comics. It was one of their favourite activities. We also celebrated International Mother Language Day and World Wildlife Day with some different activities that raised awareness of students about these special days. They also had an online meeting with other students from Turkey and Spain. They had a lot of fun. They prepared animal masks to wear at the meeting. Throughout the project, students actively participated in the activities, used technology actively and learnt many new web 2 tools. At the end of the project, an acrostic poem was written and a project calendar was prepared.



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