AI for Education Etwinning Project

The eTwinning project “AI for Education,” conducted from February to May 2024, involved 60 students aged 11-16 from Turkey, Italy, France, Lithuania, Czechia, Armenia, and Romania. Guided by ten teachers, students used AI tools to create educational content across different subjects.

The project aimed to explore the integration of artificial intelligence in education. It focused  on improving students’ understanding of AI, fostering creative thinking, and enhancing problem-solving skills. Through practical experiences with AI technologies, students gained insights into its applications in school settings.

By demonstrating AI’s role in education, the project provided valuable learning opportunities and equipped students with essential skills for the future. It promoted international collaboration among students and teachers, fostering a global exchange of ideas and practices.

Overall, the “AI for Education” project contributed to advancing AI literacy and highlighting its potential impact on education. It prepared students to navigate a digital future by embracing innovative technologies and adapting to evolving educational landscapes.

eTwinning project
eTwinning project