9 th İnternational Symposium on Image Processing, Wavelet and Applications

International Symposium
International Symposium

9 th İnternational Symposium on Image Processing, Wavelet and Applications

The 9th International Symposium on Image Processing, Wavelet and Applications (IWW2017) will be held in Kars, Turkey between November 5 -8 2017. IWW 2017 will be organized by Kafkas University with the co-operations of İstanbul Aydın University, EURAS EURASIAN UNIVERSITIES UNION, Marmara University, Kocaeli University, Sharda University and Altınbaş University.

Wavelet analysis can provide a unique decomposition of time series into signal and noise components. From the overall spectrum independent spectra can be extracted allowing the separate detection and monitoring of the world problems. The participants will discuss major issues of importance for integrated wavelet implementation, including development experiences worldwide wavelet applications.

The wavelet methods provide avenues for proper understanding of real world problems. These scientific meetings are intended to provide opportunity for interaction of scientists, engineers, planners, social scientists, agricultural scientists who are applying wavelets in their research. Mathematical studies are often aimed to analyze and visualize real world problems. Discussion on this theme during ICIAM2003 in Sydney by Prof. Dr. A. H. Siddiqi and his group, mooted the idea of holding symposium on wavelets.

Keeping in view importance of wavelet tools, Istanbul Commerce University (Turkey) had organized the First International Workshop on Applications of Wavelets to Real World Problems during 17-18 July, 2005. The “INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOPS II and III: MINI SYMPOSIUM ON APPLICATIONS OF WAVELETS TO REAL WORLD PROBLEMS: IWW07 and IWW08” were organized by Istanbul Aydın University with the co-operation of The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics-Office of External Activities (ICTP-OEA, Italy). “The Fourth International Workshop on Applications of Wavelets to Real World Problems (IWW 2009)” was organized by Kocaeli University with the co-operation of ICTP-OEA in June 2009. A fairly good number of active researchers of the field participated in its deliberations, and the papers presented were published in the Proceeding of the Workshop. Encouraged by the success of the series of Workshops, The Fifth International Symposium on Wavelet Applications to World Problems (IWW 2010) was held in Istanbul Aydın University with the co-operation of ICTP-OEA, between June 7-8, 2010. The sixth International Image processing & Wavelet on real World applications conference (IWW 2012) was organized by Bogazici University with the co-operation of Istanbul Aydın University in Istanbul. The seventh IWW2013 was organized by Universitat Politècnica de València in Valencia, Spain organized the seventh IWW2013. The 8th International conference on Image Processing, Wavelet and Applications (IWW 2016) was held in Istanbul, Turkey between September 22 – 24, 2016. IWW 2016 was organized by Marmara University with the co-operations of Istanbul Aydın University and Sharda University. The ninth IWW2017 has been organized by Kafkas University, Kars between 5 – 8 November 2017.

In the international symposium, it was provided that Turkish scientist interacted with scientists from different countries by gathering specialist researchers in this field and it created opportunity that Turkish scientist cooperated with foreign scientists. Joint study subjects were developed and young scientist reunited with internationally famous scientists by providing opportunity to get in contact with scientists from foreign countries for new projects in the conference.

All abstracts of accepted presentations will be published in a proceedings book and full papers will be included in a digital platform of IWW2017.

We hope you will spend good time in Turkey and benefit from the high-level presentations, focused debate and exchange of information during the IWW2017 Symposium.

Organizing Committee,


All the research areas of Numerical Analysis and Computational Mathematics

Image Processing and Wavelet Application
Signal Processing and Wavelet Application
Applications of Wavelet to Real problems
Numerical ODEs
Numerical PDEs (Inc. BVPs)
Scientific Computing and Algorithms
Stochastic Differential Equations
Numerical Linear Algebra
Numerical Integral Equations
Error Analysis and Interval Analysis
Difference Equations and Recurrence Relations
Numerical problems in Dynamical Systems
Applications to the Sciences (Computational Physics, Computational Statistics, Computational Chemistry, Computational Engineering etc.)
Differential Algebraic Equations
Numerical methods in Fourier analysis

All the research areas of Applied Sciences and Mathematics
Mathematical Physics and Wavelets
Computers simulations and Wavelets
Mathematical Physics
Mathematical Chemistry
Mathematical Biology and Mathematical Medicine
Optimization and Operational Research
Theoretical Mechanics
Discrete Applied Mathematics
Dynamical Systems
Experimental Mathematics
Theoretical Computer Science
Applied Analysis
Scientific Analysis
Environmental Analysis
Wavelets in Environmental Problems
Wavelets in Engineering Problems
Mathematical Modelling including but not limited to:
◦ mathematical modelling of engineering processes, manufacturing, and industrial systems, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, CFD, and transport phenomena
environmental modelling
◦ solid mechanics and mechanics of metals
◦ electromagnets and MHD
◦ reliability modelling and system optimization
◦ decision sciences in an industrial and manufacturing context
◦ civil engineering systems and structures
◦ mineral and energy resources
◦ relevant software engineering issues associated with CAD and CAE
◦ materials and metallurgical engineering,
◦ mathematical modelling of social, behavioral and other sciences
Wavelets in Engineering Problems
Decomposition and Reconstruction Algorithms, Subdivision Algorithms
Continuous and Discrete Wavelet Transform
Wavelets in Finance (Economics)
Wavelets in Geophysics
Wavelets in Medicine
Time-frequency Localization
Phase – Space Analysis
Subband Coding
Image Compression
Real – Time Filtering
Radar and Sonar Applications
Transient Analysis
Medical Imaging
Multigrid Methods
Bifurcation and Singularity Theory
Deterministic Chaos and Fractals
Solution and Coherent Phenomena
Formation of Pattern
Complexity Theory and Neural Networks
Analytical Approaches and Simulations for more Accurate Descriptions
Experimental Observations and Applications of Nonlinear Phenomena in Science and Engineering
Theoretical and Applied aspects of Computational Geometry
Control Theory and Automation
Fuzzy Sets and Systems and Fuzzy Logic
Applied Algebra
Quality Theory of Differential Equations
Neural Networks

Abstracts Due
September 22, 2017

Notification to Authors
September 29, 2017

Final Papers Due
November 1, 2017

November 5 – 8, 2017

9th International Symposium on Image Processing, Wavelet and Applications


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