9. International IDEA Conference “Studies in English”

International IDEA Conferences, as the subtitle, “Studies in English” implies, are inclusive conferences. You can send abstracts about almost anything related to English language, literature, or culture such as:
Language Teaching
Translation Studies
Cultural studies
Gender Studies

The deadline to send abstracts is 12 January 2015 (extended).

You should receive a confirmation email after sending your abstract within the next two working days. If you have not received a confirmation email within 5 working days, please contact us at IDEA2015-ISSUES.

Please note that submissions are peer reviewed by esteemed colleagues.

Please, do not forget to add your contact details in the abstracts.

We are looking forward to meeting you here in Malatya.

Konferans Koordinatörleri
Yrd. Mustafa Şahiner (genel sorular için)
Yrd. Dr. Berkan Ulu (teknik sorunlar için)
Yrd. Dr. Susanne Klinger (gönderimler için)

Düzenleme Kurulu
Yrd. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şahiner
Yrd. Dr. Berkan Ulu
Yrd. Dr. Susanne Klinger
Öğr. Ferit Şahin
Öğr. Emine Kulusaklı

Ayrıca bir e-posta göndererek bize ulaşabilirsiniz [email protected]


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