8th International Conference on Future Learning and Informatics: Data Revolution

At such times when data and information technology are of paramount importance, like today, education is more than a means for providing jobs for the young people. Education is now destined to have a multidimensional role for individuals, companies and institutions through which they can improve and strengthen their traits to survive in a highly volatile world.

Future Learning 2020 aims to discuss future innovations in the fields of learning and informatics, particularly impact of informatics applications on learning experiences. We believe that the FL2020 Conference, for the eighth time, will encourage a productive debate on strategies for developing the most effective methods, techniques and technologies that will serve humankind in the lifelong learning process. Data is a treasure that generated in our daily lives. Hence, we have chosen the theme of this year’s Future Learning as “Data Revolution”.

Main Conference Tracks





Conference Topics

Cognitive Learning

Cloud Based Systems

Big Data

Disadvantaged Groups

e-Government and e-Learning

Digital Divide in Education

Measurement and Evaluation of e-Learning Systems

Security Problems and Solutions for e-Learning

Content and Content Design for e-Learning

Corporate Strategy, Legislation, Standards, Accreditation and Certification for e-Learning

New Technologies in e-Learning

Sociological and Psychological Dimension of e-Learner


Wearable Technologies

Mass Online Open Courses (MOOCs)

Code Learning

Mobile Learning

e-Learning Strategy for Moderation and Examination

Internet of Things (IoT)

Online Play Learning

Game Based Learning


Learning with Robot

Virtual Reality

Virtual Classroom Applications

Expected Student Qualifications in the Digital Age

Teacher Competencies in the Digital Age

Digital Literacy

Social Media and e-Learning

Flipped Learning

Green IT in Distance Education

Data mining

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Artificial intelligence

Innovative Learning



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