8th ecoMEDIA europe Network Conference

It is an honour to invite you to the 8th ecoMEDIA europe Network Conference in Antalya, Turkey 27-29 May on behalf of the ecoMEDIA europe Network Board and the Turkish conference committee.

Information and communication technologies (ICT) at present are influencing every aspect educational field; moreover many recognize ICT as catalysts for change; change in handling and exchanging information, teaching methods, learning approaches, scientific research, and in knowledge acquisition.

The conference theme therefore, is “E-Competence – Needs and Demands of Innovative Education” which includes but not limited to


  • e- opportunities in school management
e-as facilitator in school-family-environment relations
e- opportunities in in-service training (teacher development) e-learning and teaching opportunities
e-opportunities in curriculum development e-opportunities in achievement and performance measurement and evaluation
e-demands: future needs e-developments in education: current state and future estimations
e- opportunities in guidance e-competence
e-and global collaboration in education innovation in e-field, future education
managing innovation, change and integration at education e-and education philosophy

The conference aims at covering a broad spectrum of the roles of ICT, needs, limitations and challenges of integration into educational elements through the presentations of researches and practice in implementation and management of ICT at education organisations.

Paper presentations (full and short), poster presentations, demonstrations, tutorials, and workshops will be featured.

The various types of participation and networking possibilities provided at the conference are expected to raise inspiring discussions to provide innovative proceeding actions.

The conference relates to academics, researchers, consultants, policy makers, education managers, educators and ICT managers in all educational fields.

The organization is co-managed by prominent education institutions of Antalya, Akdeniz University and Azize Kahraman Open Learning Centre, profiting from the years of international experience of the ecoMEDIA europe Network.

Along with the joys of the beauties provided by history, sunshine, and the depths of the Mediterranean,

Your valuable attendance to the conference enables:

(1)  participation in the comprehensive discussion of theory and practice in innovative education,

(2)  publication opportunity of your research at 1. a journal indexed in SSCI, 2. An international journal indexed by various international indexes and proceedings book of the conference,

(3)  structuring a new network of contacts of your expertise,

(4)  numerous (optional and common) cultural and social events experience,

It will be a pleasure to meet you,

Associate Prof.Dr.Ali SABANCI


Case Studies, Work in Progress/Posters, PhD Research, Round Table Proposals, Non-Academic Contributions and Product Demonstrations

8th ecoMEDIA-europe Network Conference on

“E-Competence – Needs and Demands of Innovative Education”

Antalya (TURKEY)


Based on your expertise and notable achievements in the information technology in education related researches, we are proud to invite you to present your experience and research relating to this year’s topic: E-Competence – Needs and Demands of Innovative Education and attend our conference, which is estimated to welcome more than 200 participants from more than 32 countries.

In addition to keynote speeches and expert panel discussion three types of presentations will be welcomed:

a) Planary Session: During these sessions presenters will have 20 minutes to introduce the content of the paper followed by 10 minutes of discussion or response to questions.

b) Best-Practice Café: During this sessions presenters will have 30 minutes to present and discuss their work at a round-table scenario allowing participants to actively engage with the presenters

c) Poster presentations: During these sessions presenters will be given a floor to display their posters illustrating their experiences and results and responding to the questions of the participants interested in the subject.

Networking will be given special attention: Participants will have an opportunity to share their views and experiences, to find research partners and to engage in discussion with interested member.



Submissions of paper / poster / workshop abstracts: 15 April 2013
Abstracts should be no more than 200 words.
Submitted electronically through the conference website, www.ecomediaantalya.org
Responses about the decision of abstracts: 30 April 2013
Submissions of paper /poster/workshop: 15 -22 May 2013
Final program including keynotes, paper / poster presentations, and workshops will be announced.
Conference program: 27-30 May 2013
All submissions will be reviewed by the professional committee of the Eco Media Europe Network 2013 Conference, on merit and relevance to the conference theme.

The special issue of “Eurasian Journal of Educational Research” will be published after blind review process.


The publications in “e- International Journal of Educational Research” will follow the procedures of the journal


Selected papers will be published in the conference proceedings.

Conference Proceedings Book will be published by 30 August 2013



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