8. International Shallow Lakes Conference

Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to welcome you all to participate in the 8th International Shallow Lakes Conference, to be held from October 12 – 17, 2014 in Antalya, Turkey.

The guiding theme of the 8th International Shallow Lakes Conference is “Ecology of Shallow Lakes in a Fast-Changing World”. Its purpose is to provide a stimulating scientific environment for communicating the advances in the ecology of shallow lakes. This will be a forum to revise and discuss new results, foster the exchange of ideas, and synthesize current knowledge to facilitate new + research collaborations.

Meryem Beklioğlu, Middle East Technical University

Scientific Committee
Dennis Trolle, Denmark
Inés O’ Farrell, Argentina
José Luiz Attayde, Brazil
Jose M. Montoya, Spain
Karl Havens, USA
Laurence Carvalho, UK
Mariana Meerhoff, Uruguay
Meryem Beklioğlu, Turkey
Sandra Brucet, Spain
Sarian Kosten, The Netherlands
Steven Declerck, The Netherlands
Thomas Davidson, Denmark
Zhengwen Liu, China

External Supporting Committee
Brian Moss, UK
Erik Jeppesen, Denmark
John Smol, Canada
Lars-Anders Hansson, Sweden
Luc De Meester, Belgium
Martin Søndergaard, Denmark

Local Organizing Committee
Ali Ger
Arda Özen
Ayşe İdil Çakıroğlu
Eti Ester Levi
Gizem Bezirci
Korhan Özkan
Meriç Albay
Nilsun Demir
Nuray Akbulut
Şeyda Erdoğan
Tuba Bucak
Ü.Nihan Tavşanoğlu
Zeynep Ersoy

Scientific Topics
We kindly invite all researchers working with topics relevant to the ecology of shallow lakes to participate in the Shallow Lakes 2014 Conference and to present their work and experience in this field.

Selected papers from oral and poster presentations will be considered for publication in the Hydrobiologia Journal published by Springer.

Presentations can be in two forms:
Oral: to be presented in parallel sessions of the conference
Poster: to be exhibited in the poster sessions of the conference

Student Poster and Oral Presentation Award
We are pleased to announce that there will be awards to recognize the work of emerging young researchers. These will be selected from the posters and presentations of student participants.

• Food webs along gradients in latitude, longitude and altitude
• Interspecific interactions
• Structures, function and metabolism of polar, temperate, subtropical, tropical and arid ecosystems
• Interactions of multiple stresses
• Hydrological constraints and salinity
• Eutrophication and harmful algal blooms
• Adaptation, plasticity and evolution of organisms
• Theoretical developments
• Ecosystem services and goods
• Biodiversity and invasive species
• Water Framework Directive and other legislations
• Restoration, conservation, recovery and sustainability
• Paleolimnology
• Ecosystem modeling
• New methods

Conference Chair

Middle East Technical University
Department of Biology
Phone : +90 312 210 51 55
E-Mail: shallowlakes@metu.edu.tr
Web: www.limnology.bio.metu.edu.tr/en