8. ELT Konferansı


Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to our 8th ANNUAL ÇEVRE ELT CONFERENCE. Our concert will take place on February 25, 2012. As Horace Mann once pointed out, “Education alone can conduct us to that enjoyment which is, at once, best in quality and infinite in quantity”.
When the teacher starts the lesson a certain kind of music starts to take place. It’s called harmony, diverse harmony of culture, language and society. A certain flow springs to life with the perception pertained. Everything acquired becomes a beat in the student’s ear.

Personality, emotion and self-esteem are powerful affective factors in human learning. The lyric of a lesson created by the teacher provides the student with a unique choreography that the student feels immersed in. Just like a concert, English lessons should glow with the entire symphony conceived with the vision ofsynchronization with the student. The force emitted allows the teacher to audition the students for the future.

Can you create your own lyrics for your lesson?
Can you find the right note to ignite a sense of collaboration?
Is doe a deer, a female deer and ray a drop of golden sun for us all? Or, is it not?
How can our students voice themselves explicitly within the community?
What are the ways to limit all that jazz  away from the lesson?
Why is being a conductor in class crucial?
Don’t you rock when you prepare engaging activities?
Can you play your lesson plan like a musical instrument?

Give me (snap, snap)                             Rhythm
(snap, snap)
(snap, snap)
….. and let’s all hit a chord in our students’ lives
Why don’t we give a round of applause to the inseparable duo: The teacher and the student!

We hope that this conference will leave you upbeat and fill your profession with endorphin.
Kind regards,
ÇEVRE College
“The ELT Orchestra”