5th International Conference on Applied Linguistics Issues

5th International Conference on Applied Linguistics Issues addresses all language-related problems including descriptive and empirical studies, theoretical articles, methodological articles, and case studies in English language. The 5th International Conference on Applied Linguistics Issues welcomes contributions in the following areas:

First and additional language teaching and learning
Language assessment
Computer-assisted language learning
Blended learning
Curriculum development
Teacher education
Language teaching and literature
Translation studies
Applied sociolinguistics and pragmatics
Discourse analysis and interaction in the language classroom
Bilingualism and multilingualism
Language for Specific Purposes(ESP)
Literature and literary criticism
Psychology and language teaching
Teacher education
Reflective teaching practice
Language planning and policy
Language and technology
Classical literature
Literature and cultural studies
Comparative literature (world literature)
Post-colonial studies
Literature and modern/post-modern critical theories
Literature and philosophy
Literature and feminism
Children/young adult literature
Translation studies
Culture and language teaching
Globalization and EFL
Linguistics issues



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