5. Sabri Ülker Science Award

Science Award
Science Award

5. Sabri Ülker Science Award

Sabri Ülker Science Award
Nutrition, Metabolism and Public Health

The Sabri Ülker Food Research Foundation was established in 2009 as an independent, scientific, non-profit organization with the objective of enhancing nutrition science and knowledge, with a special focus on the Turkish population and regional neighbours.

In order to encourage new scientific research of the highest quality in the area of nutrition, metabolism, and public health, the Foundation has initiated Sabri Ülker Science Award. In its international program, the Foundation’s goal is to particularly recognize early stage independent scientists who are engaged in highest quality nutrition and metabolism research in all relevant areas. In its National program, the Foundation focuses on Nutrition and related educational and practical needs of the Turkish population.

The objectives of the Sabri Ülker Science Award are as follows:
To encourage leading-edge basic scientific research and translational studies on nutrition, metabolism and public health
To facilitate public health research, education, and implementation to benefit society
To improve social awareness on the value of nutrition and lifestyle in long-term health
To support, encourage, and recognize young scientists engaged in nutrition and metabolism research

The terms and conditions of the Sabri Ülker Science Award are as follows:
All applications must be submitted in English given the international nature of the award and the jury.
Corporate sponsorship is not permitted but projects can be funded by non-profit grant-awarding bodies.
Scholars from all countries are welcome as candidates for the Sabri Ülker Science Award.
Applications must be based on a completed original scientific research project.
Candidates, who are younger than 45 years old, and are generally in their initial independent academic rank, are eligible for the Sabri Ülker Science Award.
The award will be given to one person, who is the lead investigator of the Project.
Incomplete applications or those received after the deadline will not be considered.
The applicant is responsible for the accuracy of all the information provided in the submission documents.
Employees of the Sabri Ülker Foundation, members of its Science Committee, and Jury members or their relatives are not eligible to apply for the Sabri Ülker Science Award.
In the event that the prize winner of the Sabri Ulker Science Award is not a resident of Turkey, the prize money shall be remitted using the Central Bank of Turkey’s buying rate of exchange valid on 29.05.2018 and presented to the winner in the currency of the country of residence. The winner shall be responsible for all related liabilities (e.g. taxes, fees, and so on) that he/she may incur in Turkey or elsewhere.
The selection for the Sabri Ülker Science Award will be made by taking into account the impact of the program, accomplishments, future promise of the candidate, the innovation and originality, and the potential for translation to improve human health.

Award Schedule Date
Deadline for the applications 15.03.2018
Award Ceremony 29.05.2018